Jilly: Pity Party

So, how was your week? Mine started well, but from there it’s been downhill all the way.

The good news is that I successfully uploaded my *three* entries to the RWA Golden Heart Contest website. Two of them still require tweaking, but they’re close to ready, and seeing the titles set up on the contest system gave me a huge sense of satisfaction. 😀

I celebrated by hurting my back. Fortunately it was muscular, and a few sessions of physiotherapy have helped no end, but while it lasted the effects were spectacular. Getting out of bed was a four-step process, with screaming. Sitting at a desk was impossible, so no GH tweaking happened this week 😦

I marked the improvement in my mobility by cracking a tooth. I’ll have a new crown for Christmas, please, Santa 😦 😦

And to put the lid on things, I somehow acquired a bonus ear infection 😦 😦 😦

They say things go in threes, so I’m hoping that’s my last nasty surprise. All being well, I’ll have butt in chair/hands on keyboard soon, and I’ll see you all back here in two weeks with this year’s Christmas Short Story.

Here’s hoping your week was better than mine. Did good things happen to you?

4 thoughts on “Jilly: Pity Party

  1. Oh, no! This is a terrible lead-up to the holidays, not to mention the Golden Heart. I’m so sorry. I hope everything gets fixed quickly, painlessly, and to your satisfaction––the tooth, the back, and the ear infection. Oy, vey!

    It’s not exactly new, but my trouble of the week continues to be a sore hip, which is painful and limits my activities. Which is deeply annoying. But once I’m in Wisconsin, all I have to do is sit by the fire and eat bonbons. And early in January I see the hip doctor again, so potentially, help is on the way. And then I’ll be powering out.

    Best wishes, Jilly. I hope you feel better soon and have a glorious holiday and three winners in the Golden Heart.

  2. I’m going to focus on the positive – 3 GH entries submitted? Awesome. That’s wonderful and I already have my favorite hotel booked in New York so I can cheer you on.

    Bummer on the back, tooth, and ear though. None of that sounds like any fun. I that’s the kind of thing Santa is delivering this year, I’ll take a pass.

    Hope you have recovered from all very soon and you are able to bask in the glow of having *three* stories ready for Golden Heart consideration. Somebody has been working hard this year.

  3. Holy moly, Jilly! Well, at least statistically speaking, you should be free of pain for awhile after this is taken care of.

    You want to hear good things? I’ve been riding my stationery bicycle at least four times a week for a month! My trousers are looser, and my feet are a lot more happy, even though I was gaining weight the first two weeks instead of losing it (lots of stuff going on in my body right now). I’m in training for a trip to Tokyo in February — I’m determined to be in shape so I can walk around half the day without paying for it the next three in bodily aches. My trip to New York last March was so much fun, but I spent far too much time in the hotel room, dealing with my sore muscles.

    I hope you are feeling much better soon, and your 2019 is free of incident. (Well, except the good kinds of incidents.) Good job on your Golden Heart entries, too!

  4. Sorry your warranty ran out on so many body parts all at once. (That’s the way it feels when it happens to me.)

    Like Kay, I’m dealing with a sore hip–well, inflamed sciatic nerve, anyway. It started in the bathroom a couple of weeks ago when I chased at wet soapy dog out of the shower and hit the ceramic tile floor, first with wet feet, soon followed by my right sitz bone.

    So mine is less warranty work and more accident insurance.

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