Michille: NaNoWriMo So-So

Nano Chocolate

Like Elizabeth, I’m NaNo-ing this month. I generally try to do it every year. My best was 35,000 words. I haven’t been very successful as yet this year as I’m only about halfway on my word count. But that’s okay because I have reconnected with my WIP and have some great ideas, and scenes, for my next story.

Of course, the scenes I’ve written so far are crap. Because of they are, they’re the first draft of the scene. I’d like to meet the person who writes a perfect scene in the first draft. I also rewrote a scene from my WIP. As I was re-reading the whole to reacquaint myself with it, I bored myself. Ugh. Must change. So no longer standing on the porch discussing. Now there is teenage angst drama, pushing legal limits, and a few punches are thrown. The intrepid heroine ends up with a black eye. Much more interesting.

I also had an encounter this weekend that I turned into a scene. I hike with my sister and my cousins most weekends. Our current project is day-hiking the Appalachian Trail, although we weren’t on it Sunday. We were on the local trail. I saw may spirit animal (Great Blue Heron),  who let me get about 10 feet from her before she flew away. Then we turned a corner on a trail and were confronted with a guy who’d driven his truck on the trail (and how in the sam hill he managed that, I’ll never know) and gotten it stuck with one wheel off the trail, the engine DOA, and the trap door on his union suit unhooked. Yes, his lily-white butt was on display and he didn’t seem concerned at all.

So, how did he get there? WHY did he get there? How was he going to get out? And then my cult in the woods story line brain asked What did he have in the bed of the truck?

Sometimes scene inspiration comes from the strangest situations. I can tell you hiking buddies and I had a few good laughs and a lot of speculation over the remainder of those 5 1/2 miles.

Although, I could use a Mimi in my life so my inspiration isn’t restricted to weekend hikes.

Where did you find your inspiration today? If your NaNo-ing, how is your progress? I’ll check back in with you on Thanksgiving.

4 thoughts on “Michille: NaNoWriMo So-So

  1. I’ve spent the past week wrestling with my RWA Chapter books (I’m Treasurer), so there’s been NO inspiration for me. Hoping to get back to work tomorrow. I don’t NANO–the best I’ve ever done is 13K when I’ve tried. I’m more of a tortoise than a hare.

    • Sorry for the lack of inspiration. Get those books taken care of so you can free your mind for inspiration to strike. I’m having trouble coming up with scene ideas, so my progress is slow. But NaNo gets me writing so it’s a success regardless of my word count.

  2. LOL, the cartoon is hilarious! I have a friend who has inspired me quite a few times in writing, and in fact, one of my NaNos started off because she couldn’t get her dog onto a flight, and then her battery died in her computer (no phone because she was leaving Japan, IIRC, or maybe its battery died, too), and THEN she met a guy. She was married at the time, but it was fun imagining a different (single) girl in her situation. I haven’t looked back once at that NaNo after finishing the story, but 1) it was fun writing it, and 2) I did write it all the way to the end, which is a remarkable thing for me. NaNos seem to keep my nose to the grindstone and I actually write endings to stuff.

    This year is not great, but I have some extra time today to catch up on my word count. And it’s Friday here! So, that means Saturday and Sunday should have some free time, too.

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