Jeanne: The Stages of a Manuscript

quill-175980_640Stage 1: This is a brilliant idea! Once this thing is published, it will make me instantly famous and very, very rich.

Stage 2: Okay, it’s a good idea, but how in the world am I going to make this work?

Stage 3: Whatever possessed me to think this was a good idea? Joss Whedon himself couldn’t figure out how to make all these pieces come together.

Stage 4: Okay, okay, I think I see how it can work. I really am pretty smart.

Stage 5: But I SUCK as a writer. This has to be the most boring pile of manuscript crap ever committed to paper.

Stage 6: So that was a pretty good scene. Clever banter, a little humor. Maybe not every reader will abandon ship on page 1.

Stage 7: I have a book! It didn’t turn out quite like I thought it would (or, it turned out nothing like I thought it would), but there’s a worthwhile story here.

Stage 8: Okay, it’s out in the world. How do I make people aware of its existence?

Here’s where I am with the first three books in my demon series:

Book 1: Stage 8

Book 2: Stage 7 (with sudden trips back to Stage 3 as I work through my editor’s feedback)

Book 3: Stage 3

How about you?

9 thoughts on “Jeanne: The Stages of a Manuscript

  1. I like your classification system, Jeanne! I have:

    One book stowed away in the trunk, where it’s likely to remain for the foreseeable. It’s finished and I like it, so I guess it counts as a 7, though as and when I dust it down for publication it will probably find itself right back at 3;

    One book (Alexis) at 7 but with edits pending so also likely to bounce back and forth between there and 3 over the coming months, and

    One book (Christal) currently at 6. I think/hope it’s through 4, but ask me next week and it could well have slipped back to 5.

    Some time next year I hope both Christal and Alexis will be 8s. I can’t wait, even though I know it will be exchanging one bunch of problems for a new set 😉

    • That it will. I think one of the greatest myths of the writing world is that publication is an end-point. It’s really a starting point. It’s probably just was well most pre-published writers don’t realize that, though. It would make them toss their laptops aside and run for the hills.

  2. LOL! Many abandoned. Bunny Blavatsky: Stage 5, regressing to Stage 2 at times.

    Jack and Olivia: Stage 5. How did I ever think I could actually get this into shape? I’ve got a lot of parts, but am lacking a strong core.

    An Asteroid Hit My Planet: Cold Storage; first draft at 7, but it needs to head back to stage 1 for a re-write.

    New NaNo 2018 Duchess of Spaceliner Industries: Stage 1 lasted about 5 minutes, and I have gone straight to Stage 2. See-sawing.

    (-: Very glad to see that there’s things that have made it to step 7 and 8 in the world!

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