Michille: Romance Story Ideas


amazingstorygeneratorCreativity has abandoned me. I hope it’s temporary. I googled ‘romance writing prompts’ to jump start my creative mind and got some interesting results.

The Write Practice. 20 Romance Story Ideas.
These are interesting and a little twisty with a gender-bender thrown in. A cop and a jewelry store owner who it tripping his alarm on purpose. Humans and aliens communicating through a plant. There is only one tried and true – the hero who has sworn off love falls for the spunky rookie with a joie de vivre.

Writing Forward. Fiction Writing Prompts for Romance and Love Stories
These are all pretty vanilla. Two characters at odds because they both want the same thing. Human falling for an alien (The Shape of Water anyone?). Casting a love spell. Moral enemies fall in love.

eadeverll.com. 52 Romance Story Ideas to Write Now
There are some interesting ones here (and some stock ones). A clockmaker who falls in love with a fairy they find in an antique clock. Two beachcombers who come together when they find two pieces of an ancient artifact. A lexicographer who incites a “manhunt” when they use their unrequited love as the subject for a series of puzzles for a local newspaper. Two paranoiacs who invent their own secret language to communicate with each other (kinda funny). Two gods from different mythologies who meet after the end of the world.

Bryn Donovan. 50 Romance Plot Ideas.
There are vague ideas. She’s already ruled him out. They are competitors or straight-up enemies. He already won (inherited the estate/got the job that she wanted. He broke her heart in the past. He did her wrong in the past. He did something wrong in the past, period.

It didn’t immediately jumpstart my creativity, but it gave me some ideas. Any other ideas to get the creative juices flowing?

6 thoughts on “Michille: Romance Story Ideas

  1. What works for me is two unrelated ideas bumping into each other. When I wrote The Demon Always Wins, I knew I wanted to write something where just being with the hero put the heroine in danger (like Twilight) but I didn’t want it to be her life that was in danger, so I came up with the idea of it being her soul that was at stake.

    Then my preacher talked about Job, and how God replaced his children after the wager with Satan ended, and I thought, “If Job had been a woman, she never would have accepted those replacement children.”

    When I brought the two ideas together, I had the idea of a retelling of Job, but with a female as the pawn in the wager between Heaven and Hell. Which, of course, turned out to be insanely difficult to bring to an HEA, but I figured it out.

    With your love of ancient texts, wondering if a good source of inspiration for you might be retelling an ancient story but with a modern setting. For that matter, whatever happened to the one you were working on? The last draft I saw was taking shape to be amazing.

    • I can completely follow how your story came about. It’s quite interesting.

      The thing that happened to that one is part of a greater deal. I have four manuscripts in a four-book series, but I realized that the first one (which sucks because I wrote before the McD program) is different than the other three and would be against my brand so I am trying to re-work it, but I keep getting bogged down in complications. I had an idea for a new one and it’s stalled. It’s very frustrating.

  2. Oooh, another thing: at Nationals this year, there was a presentation called Writing for Your Id that talked about how human beings have seven psychological pleasure buttons–sex, beauty, wealth, non-sexual touching, power/influence, competition, danger. The presenter was a psychologist and cognitive scientist and she recommended figuring out which of these buttons works for you and writing stories that push that/those buttons.

    To do this, she suggested making a list of tropes that appeal to you. Her list was very weird: organ donation scenes, unnatural hair colors, dating bets (Bet Me!), boarding schools, dying requests and old maps and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t write fast enough to get down.

    She also suggested looking at how you get your characters out of a jam: money? action? charm? She made me realize I almost always have my characters solve problems via cleverness. Which, I suspect, is why I like Dr. Who so much–because he generally thinks his way out of situations.

    Anyway, she said Writing for Your Id would make your writing more pleasurable to you.

    The session was recorded, if you’re interested.

    • That sounds great. All those sessions are so helpful and motivating. I’m sorry I missed it. I’d be interested in the recordings, but I’m sure RWA and the recording company would frown on that.

      • Individual sessions are available for purchase and download from RWA, Michille, and they’re not expensive. I bought the recording of this session on Jeanne’s recommendation, though I haven’t listened to all of it yet. From memory, I think it was about $6.

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