Nancy: It’s My Birthday Too, Yeah

A fun thing is happening today for the first time in the five years we’ve been doing the 8LW blog: my birthday is falling on my blog posting day! And just to double the fun, this is also the birthday of another of the Eight Ladies (hint: her first name is Michaeline!). She’s celebrating a super-special birthday year, but I’ll let her tell you about that if she’s so inclined. Let’s just say that number is so last year for me.

To kick off my celebration, I thought I’d share a few of my current favorite multi-media things with you. I’ve been enjoying a long birthday weekend that has included indulging in all of these, some possibly more than once. Spoiler alert: some of them involve story.

Netflix and Awww: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Have you heard about this teen rom-com on Netflix originals? It’s based on a YA book by Jenny Han. I don’t read much YA, so I hadn’t read this book or its two sequels before watching the movie – something that’s almost unheard of for me. But I’d heard good things about the movie and really wanted to settle in with some popcorn on Saturday night and watch a light-hearted romance. This movie gave me all the feels. And I loved the way it toed the line of some of the age-old tropes, but then didn’t go there. That kept it fresh, witty, and really respectful of teenage girls. When’s the last time you saw all that in a movie?

Women’s Fiction Meets The Princess Diaries: Barbara O’Neal’s The Art of Inheriting Secrets

OK, that’s not a great description of the latest release from Barbara O’Neal. But the story does involve an American woman finding out she’s a secret heiress, complete with a title, English castle, and aristocratic dead relatives she never knew existed. It’s a really lovely story about a woman who, while grieving her mother’s death, sets out to learn about her mother’s life, with all her secrets and reasons for hiding the truth from her own daughter. As you might expect, there’s also a romance. And, making it extra fun for me, I was at the Writer Unboxed conference where Barbara came up with the idea for the book (and she mentions the conference in her Acknowledgements).

Paul McCartney and Carpool Karaoke

Have you seen this episode of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke? You must have seen this. If not, put down your coffee (or your Bourbon, if you’re the birthday girl) and follow that link post haste! I watched this for the first time a few months ago, when it was burning up the internet. I’m not gonna lie. I ugly-cried. And the crying might have gone on about twice as long as the actual video. If you’re a Paul McCartney or Beatles fan, you’ll understand. And if you’re not, you might very well be one after watching this.

Another Carpool Karaoke, This One with George

Because it’s my birthday, that’s why! If you’re a fan of Carpool Karaoke, you might already know the whole thing got started during a British TV skit for Comic Relief. There was a lot going on in George Michael’s life when they filmed this, the kind of stuff that gets stars’ names in the gossip pages. But George didn’t mind poking fun at himself and promoting a good cause while he was at it. You can also watch the star-studded full skit, which might even include a Beatle or two. I’m sad we’ll never get new George Michael music in the world, but watching this makes me happy. Almost as happy as having his music in heavy rotation in my birthday playlist.

Happy birthday to Micki, and to any of our readers celebrating a birthday this week! And just as a reminder, now that the sun is transiting through Virgo, it’s the perfect time to pay attention to details, organize your life, and complete all your unfinished projects. You might think I’m an over-planning, detail-driven, goal-oriented weirdo. Turns out, I’m just a Virgo!

16 thoughts on “Nancy: It’s My Birthday Too, Yeah

  1. (-: And a very happy birthday to you! You’ve given me tacit permission to out your age, you know! I’m 50 today.

    Another fun fact: our McDaniel class started on this very date way back in 2012!

    Really love your story weekend. I thought the Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke was very well done — I’m quite a fan of all the Carpool Karaokes, as a matter of fact.

    I’ve been re-watching some old Flight of the Conchords DVDs, and rediscovering the fun of the New Zealanders who wind up in New York, flogging their songs with the very earnest Murray as their band manager.

    As you know, I don’t really believe in horoscopes, but I enjoy fooling around with them, and so many of them have been telling us Virgos that the time for story is NOW. (-: Check out the Vice Broadly horoscope for today: Look at this! “Mars retrograde ends today, finding you moving forward around issues concerning your artistic pursuits as well as your love life.” Sounds like the perfect time for a writer with romantic leanings to get going!

    May your year be full of happy writings!

    • The permission wasn’t even all that tacit. Had we coordinated earlier, we could have said we were 40 and 41 ;-). #oldasdirt #stillkickin

      Flight of the Conchords are so much fun! In college, my daughter had a Hip-Hopapatmus tee shirt. Their foray into rap might be my favorite ‘style’ of theirs. Although it’s hard to beat Bowie in Space!

      • LOL, I loved their rapper names. The Rhyme-nocerous. Hoo-boy! I think one of my favorites is “Business Time” which really shows the cognitive dissonance between a married couple. That line about “I’m in my business socks because it’s business time” is just priceless.

        And, you know, we should go the other direction. Tell everyone we’re 60 and 61, and then everyone will ask about our beauty secrets and young attitude towards life!

  2. Happy birthday to both you Ladies! From the lofty vantage point of 64 and 1/2, I can assure that it’s all Good Times Ahead!

    I watched To All the Boys last week at the recommendation of Pris Oliveras and found it charming. She also suggested Crazy Rich Asians, so I got Old Dog to actually take me to a matinee. That one’s also a lot of fun.

    • It’s funny, I’ve heard nothing but great things about Crazy Rich Asians, but the trailers themselves totally turn me off. I will definitely see it, but I’m not sure if it will be in the theater or after it goes to streaming.

      And you are totally rocking 64 and 1/2, so Micki and I have something to aspire to!

      • The TV trailers aren’t that good, but we saw the preview in the theaters and it looks great. Maybe this weekend, although I’ll be sans husband (again) and post-tooth extraction/bone graft on my jaw…so more likely I’ll just be chillin’ in my jammies on the couch, instead.

  3. Happy birthday, Nancy and Michaeline! I love birthdays, and especially landmark birthdays, because they’re a natural time to take stock as well as party. My 50th birthday was when I decided to quit my day job and spend my time writing fiction instead. Took me another year or so to make it happen, but it was one of my Best Decisions Ever.

    So yay! for fiftysomethings (and sixtysomethings), and here’s to growing old disgracefully 🙂

    • Disgracefully, indeed :-)!

      I made the same decision at 50. OK, it was the third time I’d made the decision, and also took some time – 6 months to finish a contract, another couple of months to finish up all the details – but 50 was when it finally took.

    • LOL, I think I’m a late bloomer. I thought about doing something Momentous for my 50th, but it slipped right by with not much fanfare. Maybe when I’m 51. But, it’s definitely sobering to realize that I probably don’t have half a century left to get things done. Sobering, but not worrisome. I just have to stay in the moment and do what I can do right now.

  4. Happy birthday to both of you! I think I’m one of the youngest in the group, although not by much. I still have some years before I cross the next decade. I look to you all for wisdom, experience, and What Not To Do. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ll try to make some spectacular mistakes this year (-:. It’s been on my to-do list for a few years now, but I just never had the energy or the courage to really fall on my face, good and hard.

  5. Happy birthday, Nancy and Michaeline! I hope you both have fabulous days, full of whatever you like to do best.

    As for the media roundup, I saw Crazy Rich Asians last night in a foursome, one of whom was Chinese, and I enjoyed it. But of this group, those who liked romance novels or romantic comedy films, liked this one. Those who didn’t, didn’t. The Chinese friend would not commit if any part of the film resonated with her.

    I loved the Paul McCartney car karaoke!

    • (-: Thanks!

      (-: Maybe your friend isn’t crazy or rich? It really sounds like a good movie, but I think I might wait until it’s out on DVD. I wonder how it’ll go over in Japan? Or if it will go over in Japan, LOL?

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