Elizabeth: Friday Story Time and Sprints

A congratulatory shout-out to Eight-Lady-Jeanne, whose Amazon author page went live this week.  Her first book, The Demon Always Wins, which comes out September 1, is up and ready for pre-orders.

As of 3:23pm PST 8/22/2018, the book had reached #1443 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal category.

How exciting!

I’m vicariously enjoying watching the whole process and can’t wait for release day.

Seeing Jeanne’s book up on Amazon is just the motivation I needed to focus on my own writing.  While I’d love to see my own Amazon author page, that’s a bit further down the line for me.  The current goal I’m working toward is getting my two draft manuscripts buffed and polished so I can submit them to the 2019 Golden Heart contest.  I hadn’t looked at one of the manuscripts for quite a while and there’s a bit more work needed than I initially thought – just what Jilly experienced when she dusted of her own Contemporary story to get it ready for the same contest, so at least I’m in good company.

After the Day Job today I’ll be working on filling a few Regency plot-holes.  I think I’ll warm up my creativity with some writing sprints before I dive into the story.

Care to join me?

For those of you working away on a story (whether a first draft or a polished version on its way to publication), we’d love to hear a bit – whether it’s a scene, a paragraph, or even a phrase that you are especially pleased with and would like to share.  Seriously – feel free to share.  I’m going to keep asking until someone does. 🙂

If you don’t have a story in progress, or just want to work on something new, maybe today’s writing prompt will catch your creative fancy.   This week we’ve got a theme to go along with our random words.


Here is today’s writing prompt:

Write a story featuring:  great news!

And includes any (or all) of the following random words:

business              ceremonial         emperor           finishing

bodies                 stone                   flags                 devour

kitten                  garden                coincidence      ransom

vision                  believe                jade                   celebrity

Whether you’re sharing a bit of your current work or writing something fresh based on the writing prompt, we hope you’ll join us for today’s Story Time.

Happy writing to all!

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Friday Story Time and Sprints

  1. Summer vacation! Let me brush up my English with a little composition practice!

    The Second Imperial Kitten had escaped into the Jade Garden again, followed quickly by the Third Imperial Kitten and the mistress of both, Princess Woodlark, who managed to escape her handlers for the afternoon. The two kittens ducked under the Summer Pavilion, which was more of a glorified bandstand set in a shady corner of the garden, and Princess Woodlark sighed, hitched up her robes, and crawled in after them. The cool was pleasing, and Woodlark snuggled the kittens to her breast. Perhaps she would spend the rest of the afternoon here on the cold stones, she thought.

    But then the 12 ceremonial trumpets blasted, and the creak of the wooden stairs to the pavilion signaled that Woodlark would be forced to stay and keep quiet, or try to crawl out in a dignified manner in front of the emperor’s guest. She did hope it wasn’t Duke Stonebridge. She blushed. He had been finishing his business last night when she ran into him in the hall outside the scriptoriums, and the shock of their bodies colliding had been sheer ecstasy. He’d helped her up, brushed her off, and when she looked back, he was watching her and smiling. She’d hate to embarrass herself a second time in front of him. A second time would be a coincidence, which would make tomorrow seem like enemy action when she was supposed to throw a frothing fit on the floor in front of him in order to further her father’s political agenda.

    There was her father’s voice . . . from the mumbles and the crunches, it sounded like he was devouring Cook’s delicious lemon crackers. Oh, and there was Duke Stonebridge’s lovely baritone, politely accepting a cup of tea. She closed her eyes and believed for a minute that she could envision his laughing brown eyes, and the way his hair swooped over his forehead. Oh, if only she *could* make a political alliance with Duke Stonebridge, instead of having to cry off the engagement in order to be engaged to Minister Wisteria, who must be at least 700 years old, if he was a day.

    Duke Stonebridge’s next comment aroused her from her daydreams. “The ransom attempt has failed. That pirate Perry has taken Wisteria, and won’t release him. Perry threatens to take him to the other side of the world.”

    The emperor slurped slowly from his tea. “Pirate Perry, the celebrity pirate. Well, he won’t release Wisteria until the lutists from seven countries sing of his adventures. You know well what flags that wretch is flying. Well, my boy, I do believe you have dispatched the worm in my cabinet. You’ve solved a great many problems for me, indeed, by arranging the kidnapping.”

    Woodlark heard the shuffling of boots upon the pavilion floor over her head. Duke Stonebridge said, “The kidnapping is none of my doing, my lord. It was merely a coincidence that Wisteria happened to be crossing Perry’s path in my servant’s carriage. I do hope losing such an important official won’t interfere with the promised alliance with your family.”

    Woodlark blushed again. He was talking about marriage with her! Perhaps he was as smitten with her as she was with him! Oh, if only Father would rearrange his plans. The Stonebridges of Granite Duchy could be such powerful and faithful allies.

    “Of course it won’t, my dear boy. Or should I say, dear son? The marriage can take place tomorrow before you leave for Vespucci to make sure Wisteria stays a prisoner of Perry. If you’ll take her with you, the governesses will be much relieved, and I will say she writes a fair hand and has a good understanding of the laws of our land. She may be much help to you with our ministerial rogue.”

    Woodlark’s eyes had gotten bigger. Married tomorrow? To Stonebridge? And allowed to adventure on the high seas? The Imperial Second Kitten squeaked a little with the ferocity of the Princess’s hug. She did hope there’d be room on the ship for a couple of naughty kittens. She held her breath and mentally urged the two men to hurry through their tea so she could sneak back to the compound and pack her bags.

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