Nancy: Because It’s Summer, That’s Why

Two weeks ago, I wrote post #1 about endings, because I was nearing the end of my Women’s Fiction WIP (Take the Money and Run, for those of you keeping score at home). I promised that after last week’s accountability post, I’d be back this week to share endings part 2, complete with an analysis of some of my favorite endings. Yeah, I’m not going to do that. At least not this week.

The truth is, my obsession with endings has temporarily abated. I typed THE END on the first draft of that WIP a week and a half ago and have delved headlong into the prep work for my next Victorian Romance novel. In a few weeks, I’ll be circling back to revise the opening scene (yet again!) of the WF story to make sure it resonates with the ending, so maybe we’ll talk endings part 2 then.

In the meantime, let’s talk about some fabulous summer pastimes: lounging on the beach, sipping frozen cocktails, reading great books, and engaging in library porn. You read that last one right! This article at highlights my favorite new thing this week, a book called Massimo Listri: The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries. Wow, those are some gorgeous libraries. Of the libraries featured in the BBC article, the Kremsmünster Abbey Library in Austria is my favorite. There’s something about those wide floor planks and that giant globe that calls to me.

I rarely visit my own local libraries these days, despite my abiding love of wandering among the stacks to find new treasures. The love affair started young, on the first floor of the Martin Memorial Library. That’s where the children’s section was located, complete with lowered counters and the sweetest librarians you could wish to have help you find exciting new stories. I still remember the thrill of getting my very first library card with my own name on it so I no longer needed to have my mother check out my books for me.

One of my earliest jobs out of college included visiting medical libraries (including the one at NIH) to do research for an attorney practice. I hated everything about that job except the afternoons spent in the stacks, even though I had very little interest in the content of the books there. Libraries, even academic ones, have their own magical energy.

I’m fortunate enough to live in a county with a robust public library system, and while I keep my card active and do my part to support them with library fines (I read fast and return slow), I really need to do more to show my local libraries some love. I’m thinking this might be a good week to spend some of my writing time at the closest location, sitting in a comfy chair by the floor to ceiling windows, looking out over the duck pond outside and the rows upon rows of fabulous books (and DVDs and CDs and probably other stuff I don’t even know about) on the inside.

When’s the last time you visited a library, or smiled as you paid a library fine, or hugged a librarian (with permission, of course!)? And which of the Massimo Listri libraries is the reading space of your heart?

5 thoughts on “Nancy: Because It’s Summer, That’s Why

  1. Probably the only library I didn’t like out of all the ones shown was the Vatican Library. The rest were simply gorgeous!

    I also remember getting my first library card and our local Bookmobile would come to our neighborhood once a week. I loved being able to check out books by myself, and learned early on to keep track of them after I lost Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great on a flight from my grandparent’s house in Florida (and mom made me pay for its replacement).

    As a writer, I’m torn between supporting my library and supporting writers’ paychecks. What we usually do is buy books at B&N and then donate them to our local (or school) library. A win-win, I hope!

    • There’s lots of information and there are differing opinions out there about libraries and writing careers, but my very limited understanding is that library copies are significantly more expensive than normal book copies (so the author gets paid more up front), and library circulation is considered a good way to get visibility. I know I’ve found some writers – or checked out some who were recommended to me – via the library, then have bought future books by those authors. Also, you can check into how your library system makes decisions about purchasing and try to get them to add some of your favorite authors to their list.

  2. One of my friends helped get the new library in town built; before, it was a dark, musty building with bad parking. The new one is great! Computer room, a nice English section, lots of study rooms and study spaces, and some great places outside the library proper to sit and chat. Nothing like a good library, and I haven’t been in far too long!

    • I used to be more fond of old and musty stacks, but I must admit I like the newer trend of more windows, open spaces, and study rooms. You should definitely show your friend some appreciation by visiting your local library soon :-)!

  3. I visited by local last week, to pick up a couple of books I had reserved.

    I’m actually really proud of my fellow citizens here In Montgomery county OH. We vote enthusiastically for library levies. The branch near me was slated to close a few years back, but we voted for additional millage to renovate and reopen it.

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