Elizabeth: By Age 35 . . .

After all of the accountability and progress reporting earlier this week, I thought I’d lighten things up a little today.  A few weeks ago, MarketWatch posted this relatively innocuous tweet:

What was intended as simple financial advice exploded into a Twitter-storm and eventually turned into a meme, as readers weighed in with their increasingly amusing opinions.    If you haven’t seen them, there was an entertaining summary of the whole thing in the Washington Post entitled:  By age 35, you should have saved up enough despair to understand this meme.

The replies referenced everything from “Avocado Toast” to collecting “Chaos Emeralds”.  My favorite (probably because it struck close to home) was:

I first saw a literary twist on this meme on a post by a librarian friend of mine, which included such entries as:

By age 35 you should have thrown away your copy of War and Peace.  You know you’re never going to read it.

By age 35, if you don’t know who Elizabeth Bennet, Miss Havisham, George Knightley, or Colonel Brandon are, you never will.

So, what would your “By age 35″ entry be?

16 thoughts on “Elizabeth: By Age 35 . . .


    By age 35, you should have lost one childhood phobia, but gained at least three new ones through adult experience.

    By age 35, you should have changed all your hopes and dreams at least once.

    By age 35, you should have at least one wonky joint. If you don’t, you haven’t been active enough.

    By age 35, you should have told at least one person in the professional classes (law, medical or accounting) to go to hell.

    By age 35, you should either know how to work a corkscrew, or learned to buy only screwtops.

    I’m still working on a few things . . . . But I do have all the tongs that I need during the course of a normal year, and enough books to last me until the next milestone birthday.

    • I love these! Amending your last one to be “By age 35, you should either 1) know how to work a corkscrew, 2) buy only screwtops, or 3) suck it up and buy the $20 electric wine opener.” (I have one and I love it…two little presses of a button and BINGO! wine instantly opened!

      • (-: Ah, that bit of technology was totally off my radar! Using a corkscrew well used to be such a sign of adulthood . . . or at least, ruining the cork and possibly the wine with one used to be a signal of goofy, not-ready-for-adulting.

  2. Very sad that I can’t read the Washington Post link without subscribing. Maybe it’s GDPR related, ‘cos I is in Europe 😦

    Love the tweet about the huge box of cables. Ours is in the loft, topped with a layer of ink cartridges for long-dead printers.

    By age 35, you should read whatever you want in public, no matter how lurid the cover or cheesy the title.

    By age 35, you should know whether you like olives. Also oysters, anchovies, and maybe caviar.

    And a serious one:

    By age 35, you should have made a will.

    • So sorry that you can’t see the article, Jilly. Odd what gets blocked and what doesn’t.

      Anyway, definitely concur with “read whatever you want in public” and your “will” entry is a good reminder.

    • We have a box of cables, too. I’m with you on the reading in public, and I can put a big fat check-mark on the will stuff. My husband hated discussing it, but I pressed it until it was done.

    • LOL, I’m still a little unsure about olives! Maybe by the time I’m 70, I’ll have that worked out.

      BTW, The Washington Post has a paywall. I can’t remember if it’s one that gives you X free articles every Y time period or not. Jenny subscribes to it, I know that much. And it’s a well-respected US newspaper from way back. (When I was in journalism school, some of the big ones were: the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Christian Science Monitor . . . . That was before I was 35, so quite a long time ago!)

    • (-: Amen! Although, I recognize I have very little to do with that — it’s mostly their own ability to cobble together a set of values and get things done. By age 35, you should also be able to thank at least one teacher in your life for teaching you or someone you love.

  3. By age 35, you should have had mind-blowing sex at least once — or tried really hard to do so.

    By age 35, you should know that it’s okay to quit it all and try something new.

    By age 35, you should know when to listen to your mother and when to ignore her. Same for your spouse.

    By age 35, you should know when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em, when to walk away, and when to run.

    (Sorry, couldn’t help that last one there.)

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