Jeanne: The Swag Decision

Basket of applesA couple of weeks ago I did a post on swag–the items authors make available to potential readers to lure them into checking out our books. The post generated a lot of discussion among the Eight Ladies in the comments, debating the pros and cons of rival items.

After sifting through all the great suggestions, I’ve decided to put out bookmarks with QR codes linking to the first three chapters of The Demon Always Wins. Those chapters give a good flavor of what the book is like, so if people read those, they’ll either decide to buy the book, or decide that they’re not my audience, which is okay, too.

Another suggestion that bubbled up during those discussions was the idea of setting out a basket of apples to get people’s attention. Apples, as you may remember, are part of my branding. There’s a lot of junk food available at Nationals, but not a lot of healthy stuff, so it’s good on that score, too.

As I was explaining all this to my daughter, who owns a restaurant, she pulled out her phone and brought up a website for edible stickers you can put on food.

She was strongly in favor of my putting out a basket of shiny red apples, each with a sticker on it.

So now I’m working with Spark Creative Partners, who built my website and did my branding, on a logo I can put on an edible sticker that I can, in turn, put on apples in an attempt to sell romance novels.

Because, really, what’s more tempting than an apple?The Demon Always Wins

5 thoughts on “Jeanne: The Swag Decision

  1. (-: Your daughter is brilliant! The apple does not fall far from the tree, hee-hee. Excellent idea!

    Now I’m very tempted to start a series based on bananas. LOL, I’m not even in the RWA, but I would love to join in order to pass out swagged bananas. “Lord Ripley Featherstone Bananawright: International Lover.”

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