Elizabeth: Writer Interupted

The quote above pretty much sums it up for me.  Generally, the act of writing is about as appealing to me as mopping the floors or scrubbing the bathroom, but when I look back after the fact, I love the results.

Disliking the actual writing process means I’m always susceptible to procrastination.  Last night after dinner that meant, when I should have started working on this post, I instead decided to read for “just an hour.”

That was a mistake.

I blame Georgette Heyer.

Up until recently, I had mainly only read Heyer’s mystery stories.  After a post over on Argh Inc, where Jenny and Krissie gave their ratings of some of Heyer’s romances, I thought I better remedy my lapse.

Thus, last night when I should have been writing, I was reading The Convenient Marraige, the story of the Earl of Rule and Horatia Winwood.  She is 17 and he is 35.  I wasn’t sure about that age difference, but the connection felt very believable and I completely forgot about the difference early on.  In a nutshell, the Earl of Rule offers for Horatia’s sister (who is in love with someone else) and Horatia offers herself as an alternative.  The ensuing story was a farce – or maybe a comedy of errors – with gambling, intrigue, a lost brooch, a hired highwayman, a “helpful” sibling, and entertaining characters.

The story would have been resolved much more quickly if the characters had just talked at one point, rather than assuming things, but they did enough talking so that the misunderstanding wasn’t a deal-breaker as far as enjoying the story.  In this case, the characters really made the story; the plot was secondary.

Obviously I enjoyed the story enough to read the entire book, rather than just a few chapters last night, and I this book will go on the re-read shelf, rather than in the “donate to the library” box (where many of the books I’ve read recently have ended up).

Note to self:  Write first, read second next time.

So, have you had your writing derailed by a good book lately or has your love of writing kept you on track?

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Writer Interupted

  1. I am a binge reader and get author crushes. I finished two novels from my current author crush this last weekend. I’ve promised myself I can read the rest of the series IF I can get the current novella drafted. 🙂

    • Hi Claudia. Good luck on that promise; sounds like a good motivator.

      Who are some of your recent author crushes? Not that I need to add more books to my reading list, but . . . . .

  2. (-: Well, Georgette Heyer is certainly worthwhile procrastination!

    I haven’t been derailed by a book lately; after Ivanhoe, I got busy with my trip home, and since I got back, I’ve been internetting and generally catching up with life-things, so haven’t had time to read a book.

    But thanks to the internetting, there are definitely two (wait, three) books I’ve added to my wishlist. Ayoade on Ayoade sounds very funny (it’s a director interviewing himself; he’s also a talented and witty comedian, so it’s all bonus, and very meta-sounding), and then the newer one by Richard Ayoade called The Grip of Film. Then just this morning, I watched something very inspiring by the musician Questlove about how someone (clearly Obama) criticized his DJing, which led to a crisis of creativity, but has since led to him fixing the problem in a way that gives back to the next generation. Questlove also has a new book out: Creative Quest.

    LOL, the last thing I need is three more books on how to be creative. I’ve already got dozens! But, sometimes it’s nice to get a fresh angle on things.

  3. A friend recommended Kindred, a 1970’s vintage time travel novel by Octavia Butler, so I picked it up–and found I couldn’t put it down. My novel was going okay, but it was never going to be the caliber of Ms. Butler’s book. I had to finish Kindred so I could clear my head and get back to work.

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