Elizabeth: Just a Reminder

While searching for a writing-inspiration photo on my computer earlier today I came  across this quote from Anne Lamott.  I figured we could probably all use the reminder; I know I certainly can.  These days I alternate between procrastination and deleting more words than I write.

So go put some words on the page.

Even if they are crap.

You can buff and polish them later.

9 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Just a Reminder

  1. So true, Elizabeth! I have a lot of experience with both procrastination and deleting. My best deletion story is the time I realized two-thirds of the way through the book that the subplot I was pursuing was wrong. Poof! Deleted 40,000 words. But while I was bummed that I hadn’t seen that mistake sooner, I felt a lot better—lighter—after that piece was gone. I knew the story was stronger without it. In general, I love the delete key. Really, it fixes everything. Procrastination: well, that I could talk about for a while….

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I’m 40 pages into The Demon Wore Stilettos and it is the most tedious thing I’ve ever written. It’s all I can do to sit down at my desk and add still more tedious verbiage to it.

    Fortunately, I remembered having a similar conversation about The Demon’s in the Details about six months ago, and it turned out okay.

    Time to go add some more tedium.

    • You’re an inspiration to us all Jeanne 🙂 Go forth and add; you seem to have the buffing and polishing down pat.

  3. I had a good idea in the car this morning, so I’ll give it a go today. And tomorrow. And for however many days it takes until it’s fine.

    But I’ll be handwriting it. Spilled water on my computer yesterday and the keyboard is messed up. Can’t get past the password. Could you let the other ladies know, Elizabeth? It’s sitting in a giant ziploc with two cups of rice, so I hope I can use it tomorrow.

    • Do you have an external keyboard that you can connect via Bluetooth? That might be a get-around for the messed up keyboard problem (so sorry that happened!).

      Sometimes the best inspiration comes to me in handwritten format. I hope the same happens for you!

      • I found my ergonomic keyboard! But now the track pad is giving me fits. Maybe my husband has a spare mouse. Ugh. No longer very portable. I may have to go tablet shopping tomorrow.

        I’m going to try to blog from my phone.

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