Michaeline: A New Beginning!

A girl holding a page, next to blooming daffodils

“With a leaf from an old English book, a jonquil will serve as a pen — ” (image via Wikimedia Commons)

Well, it’s another new beginning to a school year here in Japan. I just love a fresh start! There’s new years (of all sorts – Western, Chinese, Persian, fiscal, Ethiopian!), and I also enjoy the feeling of new beginnings that settle in during August, when my childhood school began. I’m spoilt for choice!

But a spring new year? Lovely! The grass here is just starting to turn green, and the daffodils are pushing through the sod. The whole world is ready to begin again, and while I know there will be setbacks (snow predicted for tonight, for example), I’ve got a whole season to grow.

Things do look a bit gloomy this year. My schools all have new curriculums, so time I could have spent daydreaming about stories must now be devoted to daydreaming about lesson plans. Also . . . world war looms. Trump just ordered missile strikes on Damascus, my morning news feed tells me. It kind of sucks all the story-telling soul out of me.

But on the other hand . . . when life goes to shit, isn’t that the best time to try and escape the drudgery and enter a world of fiction? I can’t really control what’s going on in my place of employment, and certainly I can’t do anything about North Korea. But, my story is mine. I can shape it as I like.

It’s a new beginning. Write. Write some more. Finish. Show people. Repeat. It’s not a bad plan, really.

2 thoughts on “Michaeline: A New Beginning!

  1. Good luck with your job, Michaeline, and the arrival of spring, and the ability to face political events with equilibrium! I’ve always found writing to improve, moderate, and enjoy the things I can’t control, and it sounds like you do the same. Carry on!

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