Michille: Best Romance Novels


My to-be-read pile should NOT get any bigger, but that didn’t stop me from checking out best of links.

Goodreads Top 100 Romance Novels. It’s from 2015 so it’s missing some recent stories, but I was surprised by how many of these I haven’t read. I’ve only read 13 of these. And some I would argue aren’t romance, but fall under the women’s fiction genre. So my TBR pile is bigger now.

NPR’s Happy Ever After list is more comprehensive (of course it is) and I’ve read more of these. First book – Lord of Scoundrels. Loved that one. In fact, I’ve either read most of them or they are already on my TBR pile (like The Lotus Palace series by Jeannie Lin). The ones that I haven’t read or put on the TBR are sub-genre’s I don’t particularly like, like steampunk and paranormal.

The Traveling Book Junkie has a list of “classic romance” novels worth reading, but half of them aren’t romance. I see a difference between romance fiction and romantic fiction. Romeo and Juliet, in my opinion is more a romantic story (if I overlook two stupid teenagers killing themselves), and I put Gone with the wind in the same category, unless I make a hunk of land Scarlett’s love interest. Pride and Prejudice made that list so they got one right.

Did you find anything new on these lists?

5 thoughts on “Michille: Best Romance Novels

  1. I was really excited to see how diverse the NPR list is (I only had time to look at one, and I love the lady who does the Pop Culture Happy Hour on NPR — and I’ve respected her romance recs in the past). Scrolling down, I found plenty of sci fi and fantasy — and even KJ Charles, who is an author I want to read more of.

    (-: The books I’ve read that made the list have been real keepers, for the most part. After I purge my bookshelves, I may have to go back with a window open for impulse shopping.

  2. La, la, la, . . . not looking.

    Seriously, my TBR pile is has taken on epic proportions. I’ll save these links though and take a look at them as soon as I’ve been able to get some reading done.

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