Michaeline: Much Joy in the New Writing

Here we are, almost at the end of another year. Four steps forward and three steps backwards, in a subtle dance of time and rhythm that makes us feel as if we haven’t gotten anywhere at all sometimes – but we have! Or at least, we’re in a different place than we were last year at this time.

The holidays don’t just happen; it takes a whole lot of work, and many times, we’re supported in our preparations by society, which makes it easier and easier to get stuff done and put on a good show for that Happy Holiday. Why, if we wanted to, we could have an almost-instant holiday with pre-decorated trees and a turkey TV dinner. Or we could try the other side of the spectrum, by using the internet to order a smoked turkey from that eccentric farmer, and the finest Bohemian glass globes from half way around the world. The trimmings are easier, but it’s our own hearts that bring the real joy and meaning to the celebration.

Do I have to spell it out? Writing is the same thing. We live in a time where we can get online support and critiques, buy the best organizing tools ever, and even publish ourselves with only our own Inner Censors as the sole gatekeepers of our work. Or we could get a pencil and paper, and then publish pictures of our handwritten pages on Instagram. It’s all trimmings. What really matters is the happiness you get from writing.

This is my last blog post of 2017; may 2018 bring you all wonderful ideas and opportunities to really enjoy what you write. Happy New Year!

10 thoughts on “Michaeline: Much Joy in the New Writing

  1. What a lovely sentiment, and so true. With all the resources and technology at my disposal I actually spend less time writing. I get so distracted thinking about marketing myself on social media and reading about how to be a good writer that I forget to just sit down and write.

  2. Thank you so much for this, Michaeline! I think we should run your concluding paragraph on a regular basis, because as Constance says, it’s all too easy to forget what really matters amid all the noise and useful brouhaha and how-to resources. Maybe I’ll write a sticky note for my Macbook: It’s All Trimmings 🙂

    Wishing everyone Much Joy in the New Writing in 2018!

  3. A better sentiment was never uttered. If there’s anything I learned at the tail end of 2017, it’s that life will never be “perfect” for writing. I will never get everything “done” so my tableau is clear and I can hammer out several hours of writing. Therefore, I have to get in what I can, even if it means a 30 minute sprint here or a quarter-hour’s brainstorming session there. Even writing down ideas while in the shower (thank you Aqua Notes!)!

    Writing is writing, and the joy I get now is not necessarily from the perfect word or phrase, but from finishing a scene or starting a new one. I have to take joy in that, or I’ll never get this book done.

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