Elizabeth: NaNo Progress Report – Gaining Momentum

As November continues its rapid race toward December, NaNo has finished its third week, which means there are many new stories out there at about the 35,000+ word mark.

That’s awesome!  It also means that there are only about 15,000 more words to go to reach the magic 50,000 end-of-month goal.

I love this part in the process (when I haven’t spent the last week or so staring at a blank screen).  After the excitement of the first week and the slowdown of the second, there tends to be a marked change in my writing once I’ve gotten over that 30,000 word point.  After that, for better or worse, the story seems to gain momentum and race forward on its own.

The first act of my story ended at around 28,000 words, so I won’t have a completed book at the 50,000 word mark, and what I will have is going to need some definite work (seriously, you can probably see the plot-holes from space), but I’ll have made a real start at getting this story out of my head and on to the page, so that’s a good thing.

I’ve also gotten a chance to sprint and commiserate and share motivation with a great group of other writers, which is one of the positive aspects of being part of the NaNo community.  Writing can be a very solitary experience, so having others to share the experience with and provide support or something to laugh about along the way, can be very helpful.

My NaNo got off to a slow start this year, and there have been a few days with less than stellar word counts, but I’m still on track to finish on schedule, according to my word-count spreadsheet.  I’m on vacation all week, so I have high expectations about adding a substantial number of new words to my story, if I can avoid distractions, that is.

Speaking of distractions, I wrote myself into a bit of a corner this afternoon, so while the Bats in the Belfry tried to think of a way out, I had a little fun playing with words.  Here’s a little “Ode to NaNo” to get you in the writing frame of mind.  Hope you enjoy it.

Visions of NaNo

Twas the third week of NaNo, and all through the town
People were making up stories, and writing them down.
They wrote them with pencils, they wrote them on screens,
They wrote them in sweat pants, pajamas, and jeans.
Some wrote in the mornings, some wrote late at night;
Some words fairly flew; others put up a fight
Sinks filled up with dishes; new books went unread,
While visions of “winning” danced in each writer’s head.
There were “buddies” and “pep talks” and “write-ins” galore,
And each day the word counts grew a little bit more.
Some stories were good; some most definitely were not,
But the writers kept writing, giving it all that they’d got.
More rapid than eagles the words how they flew,
With conflict and tension, plus a plot hole or two.
On Melissa!  On Gynis!  On Sierra!  On Kari!
On Mickie!  On Bethany!  On Melina!  On Terrie!
Keep your head in the story; hear your creative muse call,
Now write away!  Write away!  Write away all!
Whatever you’re writing, whatever your story,
Whether serious or funny or suspenseful or scary,
Put those words on the page – less telling more showing,
When you just want to quit, do your best to keep going.
Before you know it, this month will be done,
It’ll be time for relaxing and celebrating and fun.
So let’s add some more words, before we call it a night,
Happy NaNo to all, and to all a good write!

So, how is your writing going this month?  Has your story taken on a life of its own or are you having to drag the words kicking and screaming to the page?

Edited to add:  Here’s my NaNo progress so far this month.  Still a little bit behind, but I’ve been consistently moving along.  I’m confident this will be the week I finally move “above” the goal line.

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth: NaNo Progress Report – Gaining Momentum

  1. Heart, heart, heart! I love your poem, and I hope you post it every third week of November! It actually makes me want to go back and write some more! (Except, I’m stalled out, and have been for about a week. Maybe tonight.)

    Being stalled out or not, the fact remains that there is still eight days and a little bit of NaNo left, and while I may not “win”, I can still move forward, and take my writing into December.

    • Glad you liked the poem Michaeline. That totally counts ftoward the daily word count, right?

      Sorry to hear you have stalled out a bit. Hopefully the girls are just taking a short break and will be back with great ideas before you know it.

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