Nancy: November Accountability Thread

It’s already the first Monday of November. Can you believe it? And you know what that means! It’s time to fess up. Tell us what you did (or didn’t) accomplish toward your creative goals for October, then share your November goals.

So are you ready to play ‘I’ll show you mine, you show me yours’? As always, I’ll go first. This month, though, I’m going to do this a little differently. No harsh words for myself. No disappointment. Celebration and appreciation for what I did get done. It’s all part of incorporating self compassion into my creative process. I’ll write more about that in next week’s post. But for now, time for some self-compassionate accountability.

October Goals

1) Finish the novella revision. Done. I promised you I’d stop talking about this soon because I needed to just finish the damn revision. And now I have! However…I know what you’re thinking. Here we go again. More about this novella. But this is a good thing. I’m holding onto this draft while I revise book 1 and complete book 2 so I can build in some of the things I discover about this story world as I write other characters’ HEAs. Yay me!

2) Finish the next 30,000 words in my WIP. By the time October’s post was on the blog, I’d amended this to read finish Act II of the WIP, which I estimated to be about 25k words. DONE! I finished Act II, outlined the rest of the scenes for the novel, and started Act III. I also streamlined Acts I and II, so that in the end, I netted over 26k new words. Yipee!

3) Get on a writing schedule. DONE! I’ve slipped a little this past week due to LIFE, but I was kind to myself about it, acknowledged that I can do better, and am going to have faith in my ability to get back to my good habits this week. I am writer, see me write!

November Goals

1) Keep up the writing habit of at least one writing session of 3 hours or 2500 words, whichever comes first, a minimum of 4 days a week. This is a minimum, and I hope my schedule and my creative brain will allow me to add sessions as I go. But even meeting this minimum will help me reach the higher-level goal of 10k words per week.

2) Complete the first draft of my WIP. I’m expecting this book to fall somewhere between 75k – 80k, which means 20-25k more words before I type The End. This is totally doable. See #1 above.

This month, I’m doing something a little different. I’m including a few longer-term – in this case, two-month – goals, because I really need to get them on the books and I’d really like a place to come and be accountable for them. So:

November-December Goals

1) Finish the damn website. Jeanne has inspired me! I’ve started and stopped and postponed and delayed this thing, mostly because I bought a not-so-cheap package that was supposed to help me do it myself. Um, can you say Luddite? Yeah, it might be time for professional help. I’ll start with tech service at Company with Expensive Product (although I’ve tried that in the past), then might have to start from scratch and engage a web designer.

2) Revise book 1 of the Victorian Romance series. By the end of December, I should have sent the novella to a professional editor. If I stay on track with the book 1 revision, I can have it ready for critique readers around that same time.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us where you succeeded and where you fell short in October. Bonus points if you can do it compassionately and appreciatively. Honor yourself for showing up. Promise to do better if you didn’t do as much as you’d hoped. Start with the positive – what made you proud, joyful, or sure that your creativity was on the right track? And then tell us what wonderful, joyful goals you’re reaching out to grab in November!

4 thoughts on “Nancy: November Accountability Thread

  1. Congrats on meeting your goals, Nancy! That’s great!

    I can’t say much for October goals. I think my goal was to survive the month. I did have a mini-goal in the last week of the month to finish editing the first three chapters of 3P so I could submit to an agent I met on the writer’s cruise, but with Halloween and the parties in my kids’ classrooms, that fell short. We’ll see if I can get it done before my dad arrives on the 14th.

    November goals: NaNo, baby! My goal is to write 50K (or more) and finish this story. I’m at 10K words so far and have done a remarkable amount of writing by sprinting (never done it before, but I’m tag-teaming with some of the gals I met on the cruise and we’ve all been successful). Of course, NaNo flies in the face of Story Genius, but I think I’ve done enough thinking about my story that I can wing it a little bit. Besides, all I seem to be writing with NaNo is dialogue, anyway, so there’s room for me to go back and edit (which I’m not doing until I get this first draft done, as tempted as I am). Naturally, my challenge is to stay engaged with the story and keep up the momentum. Yesterday was a no-write day (but I’d baked that into my schedule) and it looks like today will also be a no-write day (not planned, but I’m already ahead on word count, so am okay with it). I just have to keep writing.

  2. Nancy, your progress is amazing. In the last month, you’ve both revised a novella and added 26K-30K new words to your WIP? And you’re working a day job? Incredible!

    A long time ago when I started writing, I set a daily goal for myself, which I still stick to. I often exceed or fall short of the goal, depending, but I choose a modest goal—500 words—and strive for it every day. I start reading at the beginning of the new chapter, revise up to where the page goes blank, and then write 500 new words. I’ve been known to delete as many as 5,000 words when I do that. But every day, 500 new words. Today: 800 new ones.

    I was inspired when I read your post; I think maybe I should write down a couple of monthly things I’d like to get done, things besides adding new words to the WIP. My writing “career” would no doubt benefit. Only problem is, the best thing about self-publishing is the writing. For me, everything else ranges from “meh” to “ick.” But I’m going to give it a shot. Later. 🙂

  3. Great job, Nancy! By the way, the October thread is over here:

    I had a good October (maybe my judgement is colored by a good November so far?). I feel like October is just really good for telling stories, and I made a breakthrough in my story structure when I watched Beetlejuice, and I actually wrote a little bit.

    So, here’s what I actually did in October: I got to something like #334 of Captain Awkward’s blog, and learned a lot about human nature and how modern romance is supposed to be conducted. But honestly, I binged on it, and I’m not sure I want to do it much this month.

    I wrote a bit — did I get every writing sprint posted in October? I think I did. Some weekends, it was a good reminder that I *can* write, even if I can’t plot. I was very pleased with a retelling of a Halloween story I did, and I want to do more of those. I can learn more about plot with something pre-manufactured, and have fun with the characterization.

    Uke: herding that ol’ muse Calliope (or is it her sister, Euterpe?) is something else. I’m satisfied with my playing, although I need to learn to make time for short periods every day, rather than waiting until I have a free hour and the desire to play. The Addams Family was a total bust, but I did learn how to play most of Ziggy Stardust, plus I think I got the Bm7 chord down now. (I would be HAPPY to bore anyone with the details of learning the Bm7 chord on the ukulele, so just ask if you really want to know.) Accomplishment, UNLOCKED.

    And I take a certain gentle joy in actually getting my herbs transplanted and in the house before frost, and keeping up with their watering so that they are surviving and even growing (growing leggy, but that’s another story).

    November goals:

    1. I will write 50,000 words. I am exactly on schedule as of yesterday, with a few more than 10,000 at day six. Only about 30 percent of it may be usuable . . . but that’s 3000 more words than I’ve written any other month this year! (Well, I exaggerate slightly — but not by much.) And some of it is darn cute, so I’m happy that I’m pushing through. Only 39,975 left to go!

    2. I’m going to squeeze in ukulele time. I managed to do 15 minutes almost every day this month, I think, both at home and at school. No real goals as far as chords or music, although I’m working on Alice’s Restaurant. I’d love to learn the fingerpicking part of it, but I’m not finding it pre-digested for me.

    3. Is it even practical to put in more goals? I do need to do some cleaning this month — I’ve got guests coming in December, and then I should pre-clean so that New Year’s Cleaning can be a deep clean instead of the usual basic maintenance. Should is a very bad word to have in goals; I lot of times, if I even say “I should”, it winds up meaning that I don’t.

    (-: I’m in a much more optimistic place than I’ve been for the last two of these accountability threads. We all have our cycles, I guess.

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