Jilly: Seeking Playlist Recommendations

Anybody up for a playlist recommendation or two? I’d truly appreciate it. 😉

It’s only two weeks since I posted my plan for the rest of the year, and I’ve already made a significant change. I sent off Alexis Book 1 to be edited, (yay!), but when I sat down to start work on the prequel, I realized that wasn’t the story I wanted to tell…not yet, anyway.

The prequel is the story of Alexis’s parents, Daire and Annis. It explains how Annis ends up running for her life, carrying little more than her unborn child and the most powerful jewel in the history of Caldermor. But, but, but… that story stems directly from Daire’s failure to secure the hand in marriage of a very different woman. All the characters from the debacle are major players in Alexis’s story, and I’ll need a novella to give away next year when I finally hit ‘publish,’ so I decided to write Kiran and Christal’s story now, and (hopefully) let the momentum carry Daire and me into the prequel.

I know where the novella is set (Darrochar, the kingdom adjoining Caldermor). I know how it ends, and I know the main characters. I’ve made a few pages of notes, but I need a playlist to really get my imagination working.

The story so far:

  • One arranged political marriage;
  • One clever, rich, handsome, spoiled princeling who’s too busy having a good time to stand up to his ambitious, power-mad mother;
  • One elegant, clever princess, determined not to waste her life and talents on a golden loser.
  • One scheming, murderous Princess Dowager (the mother-in-law from hell);
  • One plainspoken, upstanding career soldier turned princely bodyguard-slash-advisor who’s wondering what the hell he’s let himself in for.
  • Fighting (physical and metaphorical), in-fighting, hard truths told, harder lessons learned, risking all, expecting to lose all and (spoiler alert!) somehow the good guys emerge triumphant.

I’ll add to the list as I build up the story, but here’s my first stab at a few tunes:

Spoiled Princeling
You’re So Vain—Carly Simon
Gold—Spandau Ballet (he is very shiny)
Diamonds and Pearls–Prince

Mother-in-law from Hell
Evil Woman—Electric Light Orchestra
Killer Queen—Queen
Suspicious Minds—Elvis

Refusenik Princess
What a Waste—Ian Dury and the Blockheads
I Can’t Go for That—Hall & Oates
Don’t Dictate—Penetration
Say What You Want—Texas
Rebel, Rebel—David Bowie

Straightlaced Military Man
Ever Fallen In Love With (Someone You Shouldnt’ve)—Buzzcocks
Two Princes—Spin Doctors
Uptown Girl–Billy Joel
Honesty—Billy Joel

I know I’m missing lots of good ones, but I’ve been drawing a blank, and surfing lists on the interwebs hasn’t helped much yet.

Last time I put up a post asking for recommendations (for Alexis), I got some fantastic suggestions. I’ve been listening to that playlist for 18 months, and I’m still not tired of it. If you feel inclined to help me out again, I’d be thrilled!

Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Jilly: Seeking Playlist Recommendations

  1. Maybe for your princess, Johnny Paycheck’s “Take This Job and Shove It” — or Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” — princessing is a job, after all. (-: “These Boots are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra.

    “Shiny” from Moana? For the spoiled princeling. “Golden Years” by David Bowie if he’s scouting the princess for a “job” (bride) in his organization?

    “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B for the evil queen — or possibly for the princess. It’s an empowered woman, but she doesn’t really care who she hurts as long as she’s on top.

    “Say No to This” from Hamilton for your military man who is tempted.

    For running away after a disaster, Wicked has that great song Elphaba sings about no good deed going unpunished. It’s called “No Good Deed”.

    You might look at Evita for shifting political alliances. “A New Argentina” might be good for the Evil Queen. Lots of “evil for the good of the country” in that musical.

    (-: I think that Buzzcocks song is brilliant. Always loved it.

    • OOH! Love these, thank you sooo much, Michaeline–am going to grab them all.

      Princessing is definitely a job, and my girl’s fine with that, except instead of the promotion she was expecting, she just found out she’s being lined up for a dead-end position. Princeing is a job, too. Prince Shiny is already stuck in a dead-end role, but he’s embraced his fate and relies on coping strategies to keep his head in the sand bucket.Yeah, no.

      I love that Buzzcocks song, too. That and Two Princes are my placeholder theme tunes for this story.

    • New thought: adding Ash’s World Domination for the Evil M-I-L. “We don’t give a f*ck how it’s meant to be, just gimme, gimme, gimme what belongs to me.” That’s her. So grabby.

        • The Princess Dowager would have Sasha for breakfast. That’s the fun of writing fantasy–the stakes are so much higher than contemporary romance. Sasha fires people who don’t measure up to her ludicrously high standards. People who fail Princess Irmine don’t survive long enough to get fired 🙂

      • (-: Yay! New music for me — I will check that out.

        BTW, in the car I was listening to Ziggy Stardust, and it seems to me that “Lady Stardust” might be tangential for your military man. Gooey feelings, “a love I cannot obey” (classism rather than gender worries), and a whole, longing desire thing going on.

        • I don’t know that song, Micki, but it sounds perfect, thanks. So yay! New music for me, too. Thank you!

  2. If it’s ok to crash the party –
    Sportscar, Julie Tzuke
    Don’t believe a word – Thin Lizzy
    New Man, Ed Sheeran
    Can’t rely on you – Paloma Faith

    Your Heart is as Black as Night – Melody Gardot

    Living for the City, Stevie Wonder
    Faith, Stevie Wonder
    All Cried Out, Dusty Springfield
    Do your thing, Basement Jaxx
    I Am, Mary J Blige

    Military Man:
    Angels on my side, Rick Astley
    Good Man, Good Woman, Bonnie Raitt

    And for no good reason other than it’s a fab song, Sugar by Marron 5.

    • No need to crash, the door’s open and everyone’s invited 🙂

      Living for the City is spot on for Christal. Many of the other songs are new to me and sound great, so off to do some listening. Going to start with Your Heart is as Black as Night–that could be the Princess Dowager’s signature tune. Thank you!

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