Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – Expect the Unexpected

It hasn’t been the best of weeks here in beautiful California, which is currently experiencing the deadliest fires in state history.  The set in the northern part of the state started on Sunday and are continuing to blaze away.  Though they are miles away, but the air here has been smoky all week and there is a dusting of ash on the back deck.  Thousands of people have lost their homes and businesses – including two wineries – and dozens of people are confirmed dead so far.

The news coverage has been constant and the images terrible, but here and there have been some bright spots – the ceaseless efforts of the responders, the neighbors helping each other, and the many folks who have stepped up to donate, provide support, and help out however they can.   There were even some images that brought a smile, like the policeman leading a llama to safety.

Many people were evacuated from their homes and are now stuck in temporary shelters in a kind of limbo, waiting for the time when they can go back and find out if they even have a home left.  Some had only moments to get out of their homes and left with little but the clothes on their backs, while others had time to at least pack at least a few things into their cars before evacuating.  It’s hard to imagine having to go through that.

As I’ve looked around my own home this week, I’ve mentally played the “what if” game.  If I had to evacuate and had only 5 minutes, what would I grab?  How about 30 minutes?  Is there anything so important that it couldn’t be left behind?   Probably not.   When a life is on the line I’m pretty sure there is little else that is really critical.

For now, I think I’ll take a break from following the progression of the fires to do something creative.  I’m thinking a few minutes of Random Word Improv will be just the thing.

Care to join me?

Whether you’re feeling grateful for what you have, helping out someone in need, slaving away on your latest story, or just looking for a distraction, a few minutes of Random Word Improv are a great way to have a little fun and get some words on the page.


Today’s words are random, so the theme is up to you.  There will be bonus points for actually including a llama though.

house              trees                     water                    cloud

teapot             neighbor             support               escape

daisy                children               bike                       ring

truck               pool                       fence                    sister

For any of you new to Random Word Improv, here’s how we play:

  1. Pick as many words from the list as you want
  2. Write the first line(s) of a story incorporating your words
  3. Post your results in the comments section.

Okay.  Are you ready?  Let’s sprint!

*whistling aimlessly while you are off being creative*

Ah, you’re back.  Kind of fun, right?  Can’t wait to see what you have come up with.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – Expect the Unexpected

  1. I hope your area is doing fine. Those fires are just horrible. I thought California had finally caught a break in the drought, but I guess the rains I heard about were just not enough.

    Anyway, on to writing. I think I got all the words today!

    It was one of those incredible summer days. The cloudless sky was blue from edge to edge, and the children were on the lawn, making daisy chains and searching for four-leaf clovers. I parked my truck under the shade of the maple trees, and headed for the house. Phoebe was on the front porch of the orphanage, teapot at hand. “One lump or two, Nina?” she asked me. Then she burst into a wrinkled grin. “Or should I give you five?”

    “I’ll compromise with three, please.” And I watched as she slipped an extra sugar cube into my cup, as she always did. She knew my fondness for sweet, hot tea. I put the plastic container of cookies on her table, and sat down in the white wicker chair across from her.

    “You’ve done good work, Nina. You broke that ring of leprechauns fencing stolen torques from Denmark. Fae Court finally handed down the ruling last night; they’re going to the deepest dungeons of the Goblin King, and the torques are going to be reburied until their rightful owners rise again.”

    I smiled. It had been a tough case, but with the support of my sister, we’d managed to bring those thieving creeps to justice. Nina and I both knew, though, that the reward for a job well done was another job. “So, what’s the next case? Over the water again this time?”

    “No. Slightly closer to home. You’ll be travelling to South America. There’s been an outbreak of zombie llamas.”

    “Zombie llamas? Nina, I’m no doctor! There’s no way I can handle that kind of infectious disease.” I shuddered. My phobia of llamas wasn’t going to help, either. The way the creatures *sang* in the middle of the night creeped me out something fierce.

    “You won’t have to handle the viral aspects,” Nina said, and looked over my shoulder. I heard a creak on porch step. “You remember my neighbor, Dr. Gladstone.”

    Oh, yes. Dr. Gladstone. I turned, and was greeted with a sapphire glare supported by a chiseled jaw. Heart of stone, and glad he was not. Yes, I remembered him well. And judging from the look of contempt on his face, he remembered me, too.

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