Nancy: September Accountability Thread


I’m not feeling very accountable lately. Last month I was a day late with this post. This month, I’ve stretched it to a week. I’m afraid it gets worse from there. I accomplished none of my  August writing goals. And a week into September, I’m not showing much improvement. But wait! The story does get happier, I promise!

First things first, though. Here’s a brief recap of my August goals, complete with admissions of defeat.

August Goals

1) Get through All the Things for my daughter’s wedding, which HAPPENED on September 3. I should really stop there. This one I completed like a champ. I took on even more than I’d planned, like playing house mother during a week-long trip to the beach Wedding Kisswith the bridal party, throwing together a last-minute bridal shower after the maid of honor forgot to do it, and hosting out-of-country relatives a few days longer than we’d originally planed. It was all worth it. The wedding was beautiful and perfect, full of personal details and all the feelz. It was one of the most amazing days of our lives. So yeah, mic drop here.

Except…Optimist Nancy did set those other pesky goals way back in the beginning August. And this thread is all about accountability, which doesn’t work if we don’t ‘fess up when we fall short of our goals. So deep breath in, big girl pants on. Let’s finish this thing.

2) Start a new consulting gig in my day job world. Not only did I accomplish this goal; I exceeded it. The job was supposed to ramp up slowly, with a big project I’d support coming in October. Due to circumstances beyond the control of me or the company, the project started six weeks early. Just as I and my family were in the final days of wedding craziness. Given this turn of events, you can imagine how my last few weeks have gone.

3) FINALLY finish that novella revision. I’m so, so sad to report I have not even opened this file for weeks. I will get there, I swear, but I’m obviously taking a slow boat to China to finish this thing.

4) Pick an editor for the novella (and the rest of the Victorian Romance series). I did pick two editors with whom I think I’d work well, so as soon as I, ahem, finish the damn revision, I’ll see whose schedule aligns with mine. I’m claiming this as a half-win!

5) Work on Act II of Take the Money and Run. I’m taking partial credit for this one as well. I didn’t add pages to the manuscript, but I did noodle around with some of the issues that cropped up while I wrote Act I. I still love the characters and this world, and while it’s a Women’s Fiction story, there is a sizzling hot romance, so I’m anxious to get back to the story.

September Goals

Now for the happier story. There’s a new dawn, there’s a new day. There’s a new month. (Yes, I know, we’re more than a third of the way through said new month, but for goal-setting purposes, let’s just say we’re starting a new month.)

1) Finish the novella revision. Yes, you’ve seen this goal before, multiple times. I’m going to hope this is the last time you see it in the to-be-completed pile. In fact, I’ll go one better than that. I plan to make this the last time this goal appears on the list. In October I will claim success!

2) Make my one-year writing plan. I already did this months ago, but my writing has gotten derailed so many times, I don’t even know where the tracks are anymore. I’m attending a retreat with writer friends the last weekend in September, and before I do anything else (like work on the damn revision), I’m doing an honest assessment of short- and long-term goals, then building myself some new tracks.

3) Sign up for a 6-month book coaching program. I won’t start the program until October, after the day job has settled down a bit, but as soon as I have my plan in hand and know what I want to accomplish by the end of March, I’m going to get on the coach’s roster.

4) Re-engage with this and other special online communities. I miss you! All of you! I miss following the posts and the discussions, reading Friday writing sprints, and being a part of this wonderful and supportive community. You’ve always been here; I’m the one who had to wander away for a while. But now I’m back. Maybe not as much as I want to be just yet, but back a little bit. And once I clear a few more hurdles life has seen fit to throw in my path, I’ll be back more regularly.

So that’s where I’ve been this past month and where I hope to go during the last (not quite) three weeks of September. Now it’s your turn. How did August go in your part of the world? What’s up for September? And does anyone want some ice cream cake left over from a bridal shower?



6 thoughts on “Nancy: September Accountability Thread

  1. Congratulations on the wedding, Nancy! You really went above and beyond. (My father once told me that when I decided to get married, I should just let him know and he’d put the extension ladder under my window to make it easier to elope.) So with the wedding going on, you *still* managed to do some work on manuscripts? Well, aren’t I the slacker.

    I don’t remember what my August goals were, and it’s too hot to look them up. I probably said something like, “finish the WIP.” Well, it’s finished. And I’m done revising, too, pretty much, although I’m not happy with the last four lines. Somebody will tell me what should go there. I’m not sure who, yet, but someone will.

    I like your plans, too! And now that the wedding is in your rear view mirror, onward!

  2. (-: A wedding and the memories it makes will last a long, long time — maybe even longer than books and stories. It is a story on its own, and you excelled! Congratulations to you, your family, and the happy couple and his family too!

    I had a good month, but it wasn’t at all about my goals.

    Here’s the August thread:

    August Ukulele: Still practicing. Did not learn any Happy Birthday songs, but did pick up Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” (the latter in time for the eclipse).

    August Writing: Big, fat fail that makes me question if I am really a writer.

    Mowing: Nothing, but it’s not growing that much anyway. Ankle-deep, so it would make a lovely shag carpet.

    Reading: One book, half a magazine. Sooo much internet, though.
    Must do better.


    Ukulele: Start practicing for Halloween; specifically, memorize “The Hall of the Mountain King” (book tie-in!) and maybe a funeral march. Have fun with “Ghost of John” and “Old Woman (All Skin and Bones)”. Also for the book: memorize “Golden Years” — possibly in a new key with fancier strumming. I’m keeping the same practice goals (at least four times a week) because that seems to be the only goal I can consistently keep.

    Writing: I’ve got some plans to start a blog in 2018 (or possibly earlier) about Japan, and I’d like to have one day of the week be practical content, and one day of the week be a Japanese-related story. So, each week, I need to write at least one story/section of story, and I need to fix up some of my ideas (I’ve often written about the topics for local groups) and get images for them. This also should be one or two a week. By the end of September, I want four content blog posts, and four story blog-posts.

    Plus, I’m going to plow through my Summer Bae story for Jack and Olivia — not in a linear fashion, but total discovery mode. And I’ll try to show up to the sprints, even if it’s only a haiku.

    Reading: I will find, buy (probably) and read Stephen King’s It. I read it as a kid, but don’t remember any of the details. I will also read at least one more book on my TBR pile from two years ago. Probably the biography of Hamilton which inspired the musical.

    No mowing goals! Yay! (Well, maybe one more mow.) Canning goals: 10 half-pints of salsa and 4 quarts of spiced pears (or 8 pints).

    Off to get a few minutes of ukulele practice in during my lunch break!

    • That sounds like a LOT of creativity on your plate. You are definitely a writer (and a storyteller – I am not a natural at that, so I envy it immensely), even if your brain doesn’t want think in novel-length stories. The blog, the sprints, the short stories – all of that is amazing stuff!

      The ukulele really seems to fill a creative well for you, too, so I’m glad you continue to embrace it.

      I didn’t set a reading goal for August, then read much less than I expected and didn’t remember the ending to two separate books I read, so I had to re-read the last 25 pages or so. I blame wedding brain and stress about the consulting job I now realize I shouldn’t have taken. I never seem to learn from my mistakes. GAHHHH.

      • Thanks! That means so much to me, especially coming from you. I admire your writing very much.

        I think the reading problem comes from two places. The most obvious is that I’m spending too much time with the internet. Currently, I’m reading the entire blog archives of Captain Awkward, which is really fun and amazing. She’s an advice blogger, and I’m getting some really fun ideas for romance which I really should write down in a notebook.

        The second problem is that I have not gotten reading glasses. I don’t mind getting old and having old eyes — I think it’s just the thought of the hassle of keeping track of another pair of glasses (or dealing with bifocals!) is really bugging me. I can “deal” by sliding my glasses down my nose, but when I’m on the sofa, these glasses tend to slide back into “distance” mode. My phone? I just take off my glasses and put the whole thing about six inches from my face. It’s not healthy — probably bad for my eyes, and my hands fall asleep. I can’t do this with books very well.

        So, I should put “get reading glasses” on my goals list. It’d probably help with the computer, too.

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