Michaeline: Did you know about Book Week?

Scheherezade in the House!! (image via Wikimedia Commons)

Want a chance to dress up like Harry Potter? Or Matilda? Or Cordelia Vorkosigan after her infamous shopping trip?

Australia is the place to be!

Today is the last day of Children’s Book Week, and I stumbled upon the whole concept only yesterday on The Guardian website. There, they had several cute pictures of kids dressed up for the Book Week parade. A little research showed me that it was held in Australia, and seems to be a tradition of some years. And adults get into the act, as well! I found a 2017 picture of librarians dressed as handmaids, Harry Potter characters, Hobbit characters, and even a where’s Wally. Are the X-files serialized? Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were there, too! (The Canberra Times)

What a wonderful tradition! Imagine that you are in Australia. It’s nearing the end of winter, and you get the chance to dress up as a favorite character. Who would you choose? You can add any restrictions you feel necessary. Links to that book on Goodreads are welcome!

Me? I think I’m feeling rather Nanny Ogg-ish this year! So many great characters to choose from, though – I’m going to pay more

There is some speculation that these girls might be getting their Shakespeare on. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

attention next year!

For more information about Children’s Book Week, check out the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s website. http://cbca.org.au/cbca-childrens-book-week

2 thoughts on “Michaeline: Did you know about Book Week?

  1. Great fun! I’m not sure who I’d choose for myself–maybe I’d be Granny Weatherwax to your Nanny Ogg 😉

    When Kay and I went to the Ilona Andrews signing in Orlando, there was a girl in the audience in full Kate Daniels costume, complete with a sword on her back. I don’t think I’d ever have done that, even 30 years ago, but she looked amazing!

    • Dressing up for conventions is an established thing in the SFF world, so it makes perfect sense that someone would show up to RWA in a costume! That’s fabulous!

      If I remember right, some historical authors would dress up in period costumes for romance conventions. But I don’t know if dressing up as a contemporary heroine is such a thing. You think it would be! I certainly have had a desire for Min’s cherry shoes from Bet Me ever since I saw the cover. I wouldn’t mind dressing up as Min-at-the-wedding-rehearsal-dinner.

      I think things like the WorldCon are about evenly split between authors and fans, or even tilted towards the fannish — after all, a lot of SFF authors were fans before they became published authors. RWA seems to have a strong bias towards the writer, and maybe being “professional” has a slightly different meaning than, say, it would in a fannish atmosphere. Dressing up as your own character would be a talking point (kind of a loud talking point, LOL, and flashy) — but dressing up as someone else’s character? Hooray for those who want to do it! But . . . there are other considerations.

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