Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – With Fresh Lemon Scent

Sadly, the blog is not equipped with scratch-n-sniff capabilities so you’ll just have to imagine the fresh scent of the lemons I picked from the tree in my backyard.  I see a lot of lemonade in my future, and maybe a lemon tart or some lemon pudding cake too.

Great, now I’m hungry again.

The lemon tree, like my climbing roses and a few of the other plants in the yard had a growth spurt while I was off in Orlando last week.  Must have been all that rain we had this past winter, coupled, with the current warm, sunny skies.  The local wildlife seems to have experienced a growth spurt as well.  The raccoon, possum, and skunk who scour my front porch in the evenings looking for food and water have almost doubled in size.  I’m guessing they’ve been clearing out the neighborhood cat-food dishes.    Today’s raccoon looked positively disgruntled when he realized there was nothing but a bowl of water to be had.  He and the cat had a stare-off through the screen door.

Now that the yard work is done and the various critters have wandered off to the next stop on their foraging fest, it’s time to take all of that great learning from last week’s conference and get some writing done.  I’m thinking I’ll start with a little Random Word Improv warm-up session.

Care to join me?

Whether you’re trying to figure out where the summer has gone, working on your manuscript, relaxing in the sun, or just trying to make it to the end of another work-week, a few minutes of Random Word Improv are a great way to have a little fun and get some words on the page.  So pull up a chair, get your beverage of choice (lemonade for me), and let’s get writing.


Today’s random words are random, so the theme is up to you.  There will be bonus points for including a lemon though.

sour                       sunshine             branch              fence

chaos                     garage                  lethal                sparkler

eternity                diversion             scar                   bazooka

comfortable       strange                 bonus               hamster

For any of you new to Random Word Improv, here’s how we play:

  1. Pick as many words from the list as you want
  2. Write the first line(s) of a story incorporating your words
  3. Post your results in the comments section.

Okay.  Are you ready?  Let’s sprint!

*whistling aimlessly while you are off being creative*

Ah, you’re back.  Kind of fun, right?  Can’t wait to see what you have come up with.


3 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – With Fresh Lemon Scent

  1. Have you ever had one of those days when your mood went from sunshine to sour? While heading to the garage this morning carrying my grandsons hamster cage I tripped over a branch near the fence. Chaos ensued when the cage flew out of my hands and Rusty the hamster darted out of the open cage!

    • Hi Vanessa, welcome to the blog. Good job getting so many of today’s words in just a few sentences. I can just picture that darting hamster. 🙂

  2. Just had to comment on the lemons! I have two lemon trees in pots that I drag in and out of the house as the seasons change. There’s nothing like a tree-ripened lemon! I’m enjoying yours so very much, even if it is only vicariously.

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