Kay: After the Conference—Now Comes the Hard Part

Unknown weight lifter competing in the 2016 Olympics, held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo by Jonas de Carvalho.

Along with others of the Ladies, I went to the RWA national conference in Orlando last week, and like everyone else, I seem to have returned home full of good ideas and better intentions. Elizabeth mentioned yesterday the workshop that Damon Suede presented and several of us attended, in which he described a technique for keeping your characters consistent throughout your manuscript: the power of a single verb. That was a great idea—and fun to see it in action. I’m revising with that in mind.

Several of the Ladies plan to embark (or have embarked) on an indie publishing career, and many of the workshops spoke to that. Resource ideas were everywhere. One resource is the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), which just recently evaluated self-publishing service providers with an eye to cautioning users about companies that are mostly scams. Their directory is focused on companies more than individuals (not many individual cover designers are represented, for example), but it gives you a place to begin.

Several workshops covered specific aspects of self-publishing. Do you want to start a newsletter? Victoria Pinder will give you a free booklet on how to do that. Sign up for her newsletter and get the freebie here.

Maybe you’re looking to build your public persona. You need an online press kit! See what tips Damon Suede and Heidi Cullinan have for you.

Are you ready to upload your finished manuscript to iBooks? Here are a couple of links that can give you an advantage.

There were tons more workshops at the conference covering writing and publishing, craft and well-being, and many more topics for indie and traditionally published authors. No one could go to them all, and even so, there was a lot of information to come to grips with! Now that I’m back and cogitating, I think I’ll pull out my keyboard and start reading. What about you?

4 thoughts on “Kay: After the Conference—Now Comes the Hard Part

  1. Sometimes I think all that craft in such a short amount of time leads to writing paralysis. I was paralyzed after the Romance Writing certificate classes were over. Then I got back into the writing saddle for my master’s thesis. I recently got back into it with my new plan of attack, and now I’m looking at may story and thinking what do I do now? I have so many ideas of ways to attack my story that I don’t know where to start. Beginnings and endings of chapters (Joan Johnston workshop), opening chapter of the book (Michael Hauge), character verbs (Damon Suede), Bollywood infusion (Sonali Dev/Falguni Kothari) and many more. So I need to buckle down, pick a place to start, and get to it.

    • You’re exactly right—a person CAN have so much info that it’s paralyzing. Maybe try one thing at a time and see if it works? Or just skip altogether? I know I’ve certainly been to workshops where I realized some techniques were just not for me, however well they might work for the presenter.

    • I vote for rolling a dice — it’s all a good place to start! The important thing is to just start.

      As for me, I’m going to be meditating, and then I’m going to try and catch up on the Friday writing sprint (it’s already Friday here! I’m a week late!). I did nothing but escort my daughter around Tokyo for the last five days — no writing, no email, no ukulele, no nothing. After such a nice, long fallow period, it’s time for the rain to begin, and see what springs up from the fertile ground!

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