Michaeline: Writing Treats

old advertising of a lemonade drink with lemons

Oooh, oooh, lemonade! Story-time is around the corner! (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Summer’s here in the northern hemisphere, and it’s a brilliant time to treat yourself!

Use that treat to provide some writing motivation, and you’ll get double the trick from your treat. Or, use it to provide pleasurable associations for your summer writing task. If you are consistent in rewarding yourself, you could establish good habits.

First: give yourself a stick blender if you don’t already have one. This can be a reward for a job well-done, or a little bribe for some sit-down time. Plus, it’ll play a major role in many of the treats I outline.

If you are a bit stuck, go cherry-picking or strawberry-picking. Let your mind wander as your body is busy with a mindless task. Enjoy the sun, and the stretch of your muscles, and allow yourself a little wonder time. Bonus: A lot of places here allow you to pick-n-eat as you go. But even if they don’t, you’ll have delicious fruit to take home. Freeze half for later. Sit down and write, then indulge with a bowl of summer fruit.

Hot? Suffering for your art while sweating over the keyboard? Have a frozen drink after or during your exertions.

Chocolate banana milkshake: Slice one frozen banana. Add milk to cover, and about two tablespoons of chocolate syrup (I can give you a chocolate syrup recipe if you request it in the comments). Blend. Stick in a straw and enjoy!

Cherry milkshake. Did you remember those PITTED cherries that you froze after the mini-excursion? Put about a half a cup or so in your blender cup. Add one cup of milk and 1/4 package of instant vanilla or chocolate pudding. (Or add ice cream base instead of milk and powder.) Whiz, and say “Whee! I did it!”

Mojitos: You can make a lime syrup. Or you can just use the juice of half a lime plus a little of the zest if you are feeling fancy, and some super-fine sugar to taste (1 to 3 tsp). Put in a little fresh mint and two ice cubes, then shake or muddle. Add a lot more ice cubes, then rum to taste (if your taste is zero rum, you’ll get no argument from me!), and top with sparkling water. Mmmmm! Make a lemonade the same way if desired, only substitute lemon.

The best writing treat of all may be just a little freedom. Cut loose and give yourself 30 or 40 minutes to write whatever you want, without fear of mistakes or clumsiness. Writing without expectations in the summer sun could get your writing jump-started for the rest of the week.

Have fun, and let me know how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Michaeline: Writing Treats

  1. Those drink ideas sound terrific! I wish I could say I was feeling summerish, but we’re in a “cold” snap, or at least a cool snap here on the west coast—63 degrees Fahrenheit today. So it’s more like hot tea for me. But your idea of rewarding progress is good, no matter what. I’ll have to work on some ideas of my own.

    ETA: Although I hate picking strawberries. Oh, my knees! Oh, my back! That’s what produce markets are for. 🙂

    • I love picking strawberries, but that’s what wrecked my feet 20 years ago — squatting and damaging the plantar fascii and I think the Achilles tendon, too. Cherry picking is much nicer. You get to go up a short ladder, and pretend you are a tree nymph while gobbling down the sun-warmed cherries. No stooping or squatting! (But then you have to deal with the pits if you are going to freeze them, and strawberries are infinitely easier.)

      (-: Farmers’ markets are the best! Someone does the hunched-over gathering and sunburning for you.

      We finally have summer here — such as it is. Highs are a lovely, temperate 70 degrees F (20C), and the sun is out! All the kids who could came to school in shorts! Those who couldn’t have to suffer through their official obligations in suits and ties. Poor babies. Hokkaido kids start to melt at 25C/77F.

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