Nancy: First Monday Accountability Thread

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” ~ Henry Ford

Welcome to the First Monday Accountability Thread, a new feature here on the 8LW blog. The first Monday of each month, we’ll invite you to share your plans and goals for the upcoming month. As this is a writing blog, of course there will be lots of focus on creative and writing goals, but feel free to share other important life goals as well. Training for a 5k, learning to crochet, reading a book a day? Tell us about whatever it is you hope to achieve by June 30, 2017.

You can pop into the comments on this post any time throughout the month to share your progress or ask for encouragement. And be sure to come back the first Monday in July to report your progress!

To get the ball rolling, here are my top goals for the month.

1) Submit Act I of Take the Money and Run to my writing coach, address her feedback, and prepare to write Act II (in July).

2) Finish the second ginormous revision (yes, that’s a technical term) of my Victorian Romance novella (which got a major overhaul based on excellent critique feedback as well as lessons learned in my Story Genius master class) and submit to final beta readers.

3) Read two books per week, every week.

4) Sign up for ongoing Krav Maga classes to work toward my yellow belt.

See how easy that was? Now it’s your turn. Tell us your plans for June 2017. How will you keep your eyes on your goals and avoid those pesky obstacles this month?

11 thoughts on “Nancy: First Monday Accountability Thread

  1. Nancy—gosh, your plans exhaust me just to read them! My goal for June is to finish the revisions on Phoebe 2 and send it out to beta readers. That’s primary, secondary, and tertiary goal. If I finish that, I’ll start to think about what should be the next project—either Phoebe 3, or maybe something different and shorter as a break from the relentlessness that has been Phoebe. Then if there’s any time left, I’ll ping a couple of cover designers for a book that needs a refresh.

    Yeah, that’s probably too much. I’ll have a house guest for a week.

    • Good job, Nancy!

      My heart is with my ukulele these days, and so is my free time. I want to learn a punk rock song (“I Walk the Thinnest Line” by the Dead Milkmen) for a challenge — just for the challenge, I don’t think I’ll record it and submit it. I’d like to learn two songs that I can use at work (“Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and maybe the Beatles “Hello, Goodbye”). And I’d like to get really good at David Bowie’s “Slow Burn”.

      Writing: I will do the writing sprints within a week. I will read all my Jack and Olivia material before June 15. I will write at least 3000 words on the topic before June 30. I will also write a short story, either in that universe, or another that takes my fancy, sometime before midnight on June 25. (Because if I make the deadline June 30, I will procrastinate and have to stay up until 11:30 on that Friday night.

      Cleaning: I will get the piles of papers in the kitchen sorted, filed or trashed this month.

      I will mow the lawn. Twice, if the weather and my ankles cooperate.

      I will read at least four books this month.

      I will set my alarm and not use my phone again by 9:30 p.m. each night.

      Wish me luck!

    • Speaking of the Beatles, you probably know George Harrison was a big fan of the ukulele. Apparently, he sometimes gave them as gifts to friends. When I saw a Paul McCartney concert after George died, Sir Paul did a beautiful version of the George-penned song Something, while accompanying himself on a uke George gave him. Not a dry eye in the house. I’m tearing up all over again just remembering it.

      • Awww! I read something about George Harrison and his ukes. Something — at least the first few bars — was in a tutorial by the great Jake Shimabukuro. It really is a sweet little instrument.

        • Amanda Palmer playing “Creep” to Neil Gaiman (when they were still just friends) is probably one of the major motivations for me to stop longing for a ukulele, and actually asking for one for Christmas. (-: She is good!

    • This comment is a reply to Kay’s comment. I have tried THREE TIMES to post it in the correct place, but WordPress hates me today.

      You definitely need to take time to enjoy your house guest :-).

      I’m excited to read Phoebe’s adventures. What are your plans for Phoebe 1 at this point? Are you waiting until you have more books in the series completed? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. My goals for June are:
    1) Turn over draft 2 of Girl’s Best Friend to my crit partner when I go to visit her in Indy on June 12th (which means finishing it and printing a copy by then).
    2) Return to The Demon’s in the Details, book 2 of my Touched by a Demon series.
    3) Work with Bemis promotions to finalize my website. At this point, I’m waiting to see what they’ve worked up. Kind of on pins and needles.
    4) Work with Karen Harris, my editor, on The Demon Always Wins, book 1 of my demon series. She’s supposed to return it to me in the next week or so. More pins, more needles..

  3. Compared to the rest of you, my goals are rather minimal, but baby steps.

    In June I will:
    – Post at least 2 Friday Writing Sprints (rather than just mentally sketching them off and then wandering off)
    – Finish my current revision pass on my Regency WIP
    – Read a book a week (the TBR pile is growing again, though I did read 3 books this weekend).

    Stretch goal:
    – Reduce daily internet time by 30 minutes.

    Now all I need to do is figure out a good reward system to keep me motivated. Donuts work the best, but I’m thinking I should find something a little healthier than that.

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