Kay: Back to School at the Writers’ Police Academy

“Pistol Pencil” by Liam Wolf, 2014. dribbble.com/neopeaks

I got derailed on my WIP this past week—a project turned up that needed my undivided attention, but until that happened, I’d been going great guns on my story. I was closing in on the finish, I know what needs to happen, I’m getting it down on paper. So that’s been great after that long period a while back when I’d write 500 words every day and delete 1,000. Those were dark times.

I want to finish this one soon; I have a third book planned in a trilogy and I’m ready to move on altogether, away from these characters, even though I haven’t finished book two and book three is barely in the planning stages. Until those three books are done, I’d decided that I’d take no more classes, attend no more conferences except RWA, and sign up for no more workshops. It’s not that I know everything, it’s that I don’t need another class to finish a book. I know what I have to do, and that’s sit down and write the dang thing. I have a couple of other books that have been patiently waiting to be written, all of which are a lot different than this current trilogy and include real FBI stuff, guns, and drama.

So you’ll understand my dilemma when I ran across the Writers’ Police Academy. It looks like fun. You get to drive fast! And shoot! And learn about forensics! And it looks like other fun stuff. And it’s in my home state, so I could visit people while I’m there. It’s filling up fast—they’re already booking into the overflow hotel. What do you think? Should I go?

Want to come with?


9 thoughts on “Kay: Back to School at the Writers’ Police Academy

  1. Kay, that sounds fantastic! I would love to go, but am already on a business trip that week. Where’s a body-double when you need one? I will definitely keep this on my radar for next year.

    Sorry to here you got derailed this week, but great that you are making such progress on your latest story. That must be a great feeling.

  2. Wow, Kay, Writers’ Police Academy looks amazing. I would love to try it, though I have other commitments in August this year. You should do it, and then you can tell us everything!

    I, too, swore off all classes and conferences except RWA, and then this week a writer friend told me that Robert McKee is coming to London in November to give a three-day workshop based on his book Story, plus a bonus day dedicated to genre fiction, in this case Love Stories. I signed up sooo fast. McKee’s worth breaking a resolution for!

  3. Great news on your progress, Kay. Can’t wait to read #2 (and #3). As for the workshop: Definitely, go. What an incredible opportunity, and hey, we’ve got to grab those when we can. Also, I’d love to “come with”, Kay (you didn’t ask, Jilly, but the McKee session sounds amazing, too). Alas RWA is all I can do this year.

    I’ll have to live vicariously through your (hopefully?) upcoming posts on your experiences.

  4. (-: Sounds really cool. I was disappointed in high school when I wasn’t chosen to go to Girls’ State, but I did come up with “second prize” (third-prize? I can’t remember where the alternative to Girls’ State came in) by being selected to be a Junior Law Cadet.

    It might as well have been first prize! We stayed at the state police academy for several days, did training exercises, got to drive police cars around an open course, shot a gun . . . so much stuff! Thrilling! And I didn’t even know what I wanted to do in the future, but I was quite sure this would come in handy if I ever did any stories (-:.

    My stories are lacking in car chases and gun shots, but still, it was a great experience. Grab this chance! I bet it’ll be brilliant!!

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