Michille: Blog Post Ideas

Sometimes life interrupts and writing a simple blog post is like reaching the peak of Mt McKinley. Hello to the climb. One of my favorite writer blogs came to my rescue with “30 Inspiring Blog Post Ideas For Authors.” How about that. Here is an excerpt from that (with my abbreviated list of inspirations).

“Even creative people get stuck when they’re trying to come up with ideas for a blog post. I thought I would put together a list of possible topics to inspire you. These are based on some of our blog posts at Writers Write and others I’ve enjoyed reading on the Internet.”

30 Blog Post Ideas For Writers (my abbreviated list):

1. Who has influenced you as a writer?
4. How do you create characters?
7. The books you love the most.
9. Your life as a writer.
11. Guest bloggers.
12. On the big screen.
14. Review of the week.
17. Your routine.
18. Plotter or Pantster?
20. That one book.
21. Research.
22. What you know.
25. Heroes and Villains.
26. On the small screen.
29. How do you live a creative life?

Life interrupted me. How do you deal with life interruptus in your writing?

3 thoughts on “Michille: Blog Post Ideas

  1. I have posted pet pictures and tried to tie it into writing in the past. Actually, there are one or two of my “boy, I’m really stretching the point here in order to get the post blogged before the deadline” that I’ve been very happy with. The time constraint unleashes creativity sometimes. I think, “Oh, to hell with it, let me empty my brain, and then I’ll fix it later.” And I find that I’ve written something a little crazy, but somehow pleasing.

    We’ve been blogging since September 2013!! Three years and seven months, if my math serves me right. That’s a lot of posts . . . .

    If I know life is going to throw me for a loop, I can often set up a series or a theme, and blog on that for three or four weeks — things like vacations and stuff like that. I thought with the beginning of the Japanese school year (coming up on April 10), I might be hard-pressed to find brain space to think about blogging, so I decided to take advantage of my binge-watch of Kitchen Nightmares. But, suddenly, I’ve been meeting a LOT of people, and we’ve been talking about fun, writerly things and goals and English and stuff, and so I may just abandon my Kitchen Nightmares series (even though I’d planned to do two more) and go with what’s fresh and juicy. I suppose I could write those Gordon Ramsay posts and tuck them away for a rainy day or a depressive season . . . . KN is already several years old at this point, and old news to a lot of people. In another five years, they might be “classics” of the TV genre (-:.

    (-: I probably won’t be that organized though. Good ol’ Live-in-the-moment-Mikey, that’s me.

    • September 2013. Wow. That’s a long time. Your posts are always fun. I read them but I’m terrible about commenting. It’s like my Facebook habits – I’m a lurker and don’t comment very often. Off to write.

  2. I don’t even need life interruptions to be stuck for blog post ideas—I’m *usually* stuck for ideas. That’s only one reason I’m so glad that you and I alternate weeks! Like you, though—and probably most writers—I subscribe to a few newsletters, so often I can find something that sparks an idea or from which I can crib. Thanks for your post! Now I have a few ideas for the future.

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