Jilly: Fantastic Free Resource–Alli Independent Author Fringe

Alliance of Independent Authors Indie Author Fringe–London Book Fair, March 2017

Big thanks to Kay for alerting me to this great resource: the Alliance of Indpendent Authors (Alli) is holding an online conference this weekend to tie in with the London Book Fair.

By 10am London time today, they will have uploaded 24 hours’ worth of great presentations on topics like understanding the writing process, perfecting your first 50 pages, identifying and eliminating the biggest mistakes most fiction writers make, and all kinds of advice about self-publishing including writing better book descriptions, advertising, and audiobooks.

Best of all, the sessions are archived for you to view at your own convenience, and they’re totally free.

Check out the conference agenda here.

And find the links to the presentations here.

I’ll be catching up on some of the technical ones later today, but I already watched and really enjoyed fantasy author KM Weiland’s one-hour talk: Are You Making These Common Fiction Writing Mistakes?

It’s worth noting that Alli will be hosting a further two conferences this year, to coincide with the major book fairs, so if you find these presentations useful, it might be a good idea to sign up to be notified of future events. I did 😉


10 thoughts on “Jilly: Fantastic Free Resource–Alli Independent Author Fringe

  1. That’s really useful, Jilly, thank you.

    I’ve been appalling at writing over the past few months but hopefully pulling myself together and getting back into it now. I will use these sessions to inspire me 😊

    • Hello Rachel! It’s lovely to hear from you. I’ve been thinking about you lately, wondering how you’re doing. Hope you find lots of inspiration in the Alli sessions, and fingers crossed that your writing mojo comes roaring back 🙂

  2. I’m glad to get a preliminary report, Jilly! I won’t have time in the next few days to listen to any of these talks, but I’m going back to Wisconsin for a bit next week, when I’ll have some slack time, so I hope to catch a few talks while I’m gone. They do look intriguing. And thanks for noticing that Alli will be hosting two more conferences this year. I totally missed that.

    • Wisconsin? Brrr, sounds cold! If you have some free time while you’re there, sounds like a great opportunity to curl up with a nice cup of tea and listen to a talk or two.

  3. Thanks, ladies, hope you find the talks helpful. I listened to the presentation on audiobooks yesterday, and I definitely want to catch up with Jane Friedman’s talk on better book blurbs. So much to learn!

  4. Looks like a great resource, indeed! I think a lot of us are looking really hard at self-publishing right now, so during spring break, I think I’ll mosey on over and see if they have anything to say about self-publishing shorter works.

    • There is a presentation on writing short stories, but I think it’s about using them as a vehicle to promote your full-length novels, rather than as a thing in itself. I also remember seeing an article on short story writing on Joanna Penn’s website (www.thecreativepenn.com), and lately I’ve also seen a couple of RWA courses about writing for anthologies, but I guess that’s also a marketing technique.

      Personally, I’ve been buying and reading more short stories lately, because when I’ve been writing for hours I often want to read something, but I want it to be a relatively quick read because otherwise I know I’ll waste half the next day reading the rest of the book when I should be writing.

      I think the great thing about self-publishing is that there is plenty of room for niche writers to do their thing. I read on Joanna Penn’s blog today a reference to an author (Octavia Randolph) who writes ninth century English and Scandinavian historical fiction. Good for her! And hope you have a wonderful, productive, rewarding spring break.

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