Jilly: Educated and Entertained

Anyone interested in hearing Eloisa James, Ilona and Gordon Andrews, Alisha Rai, and Sarah MacLean discuss various aspects of romance writing?

I just spent almost three hours online watching a recording of a fascinating, funny and insightful seminar held last week at Duke University. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. My plan was to skim it for the good bits and listen to the rest later, but it turned out to be all killer, no filler. The only bits I skipped were the rest breaks 😉 .

The event was called Gender, Sexuality, Feminism and the Romance Novel, and indeed all those subjects are covered in an intelligent and engaging way, but there was so much more.

Each author talked about their home environment and what led them to become a romance writer. After that, the Q&A session included:

  • Writing romance in the current political environment;
  • Diversity in romance;
  • What defines an alpha male or female?
  • Does a romance writer have an obligation to promote a theme or provide positive role models to their readers?
  • Do the panelists put themselves or their friends or family in their books?
  • Things Not To Do if you’re a newbie romance writer;
  • What makes a good romance cover, and why are many of them so bad?

You can find the recording here.

You may have to fast-forward about twenty minutes until the discussion begins, and the sound quality is a little variable, but it’s well worth the effort.

Oh—and Gordon Andrews made the Best Ever Suggestion for a Romantic Sequel that will never get written. I almost spat my coffee over the keyboard. If you’re curious, you’ll find that at around 2 hours 47 minutes.


5 thoughts on “Jilly: Educated and Entertained

  1. Ooh! Thanks! Saving this for the week of March 7th, when I’ll be looking for things to keep myself entertained (and, as a bonus, educated!),

    • We have a trip coming up and I’ll be looking for something to do on the plane. If I can wait that long. I’m curious about the romance triangle thing, too. Jilly’s not usually one to spit her coffee. 🙂

    • Excellent! You’ll get plenty of both, Jeanne, I promise, and Justine, I think you’ll love the love triangle solution. I only wish I’d thought of it 😀

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