Michaeline: Puppy Love and Physical Description


Describe this dog, and you could win a touristy tchochtke from Tokyo! LOL! (Photo by Michaeline Duskova)

EDIT: Contest is now closed, but the comments are still open. Thank you for your likes and stars!

CONTEST! I’m in Tokyo right now, so I thought it’d be fun to run a little contest while I’m away from my computer. Your task: describe my dog (pictured here) in 100 words or less. Your prize? A cheap touristy trinket from Tokyo, sent anywhere in the world that the Japan Post Office will deign to deliver.

Sound easy? Well, I hope it is. I must confess, I’m totally baffled about how to describe my dog, Rex. Nana, his sister, is easy. She’s the black-and-white puppy that looks like a miniature border collie. (You can see her in the middle picture.)

Feel free to look back in past posts where I’ve exploited, er, pasted my puppies all over the internet! Have fun describing Rex in fewer than 100 words (one well-placed word is worth half a dozen amateur pictures, sometimes), and post in the comments. The contest closes at 5 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time on Friday, January 20, 2017. Elizabeth is going to cut and paste the comments without names into an email and send it to me, and I’ll decide which one I like the best, then head back to the comment section to find out who posted the description.

Two puppies, sitting

Nana and Rex, duo in deviltry. (Photo by Michaeline Duskova)

The winner will be posted on Saturday, January 21, and be contacted via the email s/he uses for the comment.

The Eight Ladies are welcome to put their descriptions in the comments, too, but they won’t be considered for the Grand Prize (worth exactly 0 yen, because once this sort of thing is taken out of the store, it loses most of its resale value, LOL. But it’s the thought that counts, right?).

Have fun, and let loose the dogs of description!





Rex and his tail. (Photo by Michaeline Duskova)

One thought on “Michaeline: Puppy Love and Physical Description

  1. Have fun in Tokyo, Michaeline! Not exactly a description, but here goes:

    Rex: my name means ‘King.’
    When I’m grown I’ll rule this farm
    But today I’ll play.

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