Michaeline: My Favorite Tip of the Year

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Grab your pencil! Let’s write for the love of the game! (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

My favorite trick of the year is a mind trick. Remember when I made a word puzzle full of happy words to prime my subconscious? If not, I talked about it and the scientific evidence supporting the technique here on Eight Ladies Writing. This is purely anecdotal evidence, but I had a great writing week after I did it (see results here on 8LW), and I meant to do it again. Can you believe it’s been just a smidge over 11 months since we tried this? Well, here’s trial two, just in time to give your new year a little writing boost.

Will it really work? Well, it depends on how you work. Priming experiments haven’t been reliably replicated, but . . . it may work. A Psychology Today blog here explains how priming may be the first step in “canalization”; in other words, the first step in creating a track for your thoughts to flow down. If you can channel your thoughts in the same direction enough times, they will begin to flow in that direction naturally. But like the placebo that works if you think it will work (and there is scientific evidence to prove that it might), it just might work.

Here’s the game: I’ve jumbled up some positive words. Your task is to unjumble them, and then see what happens to your writing. I’ll report back next week with my results. Here we go:


Good luck and good writing! May your 2017 be full of new things, happy events and brilliant stories!

5 thoughts on “Michaeline: My Favorite Tip of the Year

  1. I’ve done the unscrambling, and I’ll report back later on how my writing week goes. Number 6 was the hardest for me to decipher. I’m wondering what that says about me…:-)

    • LOL, instead of doing the jumble alphabetically this time around, I tried a bit more aesthetic scrambling. And then halfway through, I noticed that I could get anagrams, which kind of adds a new level of confusion to the process. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see “Santa Fic T” come out of that word! I may still be in Christmas mode. The word could have been Tans-A-Fict, which would have led our stories down a different path.

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