Nancy: Because 2016 Isn’t Through With Us Yet

20161226_michael-slide-2b6y-videosixteenbyninejumbo1600The curse of 2016 has once again reared its ugly head. As I’m sure you’ve heard, we’ve lost another icon, singer/songwriter/philanthropist George Michael. As much as so many public losses have hurt this year, for me, this one cuts deeper. George Michael’s music was a big part of the soundtrack to which my husband and I fell in love. We continued to follow his music and performances through the years, even when those were hard to come by in the States, and we loved what he did for the LGBTQ community. We were excited to take our daughter with us to see him perform at Equality Rocks in DC in 1999, and to his 25 Live Tour in 2008. We even contemplated flying to Copenhagen to see him perform again, but the shows sold out before we could get tickets.

So today has been a sad one for us. We’ve been consoling ourselves with  his music, which, of course, lives on. Below are  links to a few of my favorite George Michael live performances. RIP, George Michael, and give David Bowie and Prince a hug from us.

George Michael Unplugged

Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

Concert for Linda

6 thoughts on “Nancy: Because 2016 Isn’t Through With Us Yet

  1. George Michael was more my daughter’s generations idol than mine, but he made some great music. And it’s always tough to lose people when they’re still young.

  2. I was so shocked when I saw this yesterday, too. The playlists to my high school dances are turning into memorial concerts . . . .

    There’s only four more days to get through. May 2017 be better; statistically speaking, it should be.

    On the bright side, did any of you freak slightly when Mick Jagger was in the news earlier this month? I certainly did. They announced his name on the morning news, and my heart sank. “Oh, no, not another one!” And then they followed it up with the fact that he was a father again. (-: A lot of things can be said about Mick Jagger becoming a father in 2016, but the fact of the matter is, I was so relieved that he wasn’t another casualty of the year that I spent the whole day a little more light-heartedly. (-: Babies make me a little goofy, anyway.

    • I had heard that about Mick Jagger, but I don’t think I had time between hearing his name and the baby news to worry that he’d succumbed to 2016. I did think we might hear something about Queen Elizabeth, though. My daughter read that the British papers had been all set to run the news of her foregoing Christmas festivities on the front pages Monday, but all that changed after the news of George.

    • Yes, I totally freaked at the news of Mick Jagger being a dad. On multiple levels. LOL. I saw him in concert about 10 years ago and told my husband never again. I didn’t like looking at this bony man with flabby (but not fat-flabby), stretched-in-the-wrong-way skin strut across the stage. It reminded me of chicken skin. Yuck.

      But to be intimate? EWWW.

  3. And as if George Michael weren’t enough, PRINCESS LEIA! She was the first anti-princess princess I ever worshipped, so gutsy and strong. I’ve loved the Star Wars series since I was a little girl (much to the beusement of my mother, who never got it). Fisher’s character, which, whether she liked it or not, she will be most known for, was the best sort of positive female role model in a time where women in books and film were just starting to break out from under the damesel in distress mantle. She was tough as nails, a get-it-done kind of princess, and so much fun to watch, even in the latest installment.

    Good grief, I went through a slideshow of people we’ve lost this year and it’s just ridiculous. Someone on FB said those who have passed must know something we don’t, and I think they’re right.

    2016 can be DONE as far as I’m concerned.

  4. 2016 still isn’t done. Now Debbie Reynolds. I LOVED “Singing in the Rain.” I saw a headline that said “Hide Betty White from 2016.” Lord, please. No more.

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