Michille: Gifts for Writers (and Readers)

2015-11-28-20-18-11We’re heading into a big holiday season for many. Personally, I celebrate Christmas. Even if you don’t celebrate something in December, you likely have other times of year when you do, like birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc. I’ve gathered a few ideas for the writer or reader in your life.

Happy writing and Happy Holidays.

4 thoughts on “Michille: Gifts for Writers (and Readers)

  1. Oooh, I like those Raven Writing Gloves. And I was idly toying with the idea of making some sort of puppet or getting some Barbie dolls to represent my characters, and perhaps making some photo montages of that. (-: I have no time to make Barbie costumes, though.

    But . . . I probably have time to take pics off the internet, and glue them to cardboard bands to make fingerpuppets. (-: I could do that!

    What I would like is an inspirational lap blanket for writing. (-: I have no idea what that would look like, but I’d know it when I saw it. Probably, Velcro would be involved so I could change out words . . . . Totally unchildsafe, too. With a pocket on the edge for keeping my chocolates cool and handy.

    (-: I should be thinking story, not blankies. Still, what a fun detour. I don’t know what I’m giving my non-writer friends for Christmas. (-: I could use a post about no-brainer X-mas gifts from a writer, but I doubt my family would be satisfied with personal haikus . . . . But personal haikus on a box of cookies might work for everyone I know . . . .

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