Elizabeth: I Read it in a Fortune Cookie

fortune_cookieNaNoWriMo is less than a week away and, as I mentioned in last week’s post, I’ve been laying some ground work to (hopefully) ensure my November is as productive as possible.  Tonight’s fortune cookie message seems to agree with that plan.

“Prepare today for the demands of tomorrow”

On a whim, I gathered up the other discarded fortune messages from the dinner table this evening to see what other helpful advice I could find.

“You will enjoy doing something different this coming weekend”

Hmm.  Well I was going to do laundry and clean the bathroom this weekend, but clearly this fortune has something else in mind.  I think I’ll take this advice and work on collages for a couple of my potential story ideas instead.  Pulling out the scissors, glue, random pictures, and other crafty items sounds like the perfect activity for what is forecasted to be a very soggy weekend.  And who am I kidding; I was never going to clean the bathroom this weekend anyway.

One big question remaining before November 1st rolls around is which story I’ll work on.  I have a few to choose from.  One option is last year’s NaNo story.  At 50,000 words, it’s about half-way to where it needs to be.  If I work on it again, I’ll be very close to a full finished draft at the end of the month.  The advantage of this choice is that I know how this story goes, making it less likely that I’ll get stuck or wander off track.  On the other hand, there may not be 50,000 more words worth of the story left to tell.

A second choice, which the fortune below seems to be hinting at, is the stand-alone sequel to last year’s story.  It would be a starting from ground zero story, but since it’s a “journey” story, there would definitely be many faraway places in it.  This option would be the “exciting” choice, especially if you define “exciting” as I-have-no-idea-where-this-story-is-heading.  Since it is the story I know the least about, it also has the potential to fizzle out early.

“You will take a pleasant journey to a place far away”

My third option is to take the Cassie & Nicolai mystery story that I’ve been playing with during our Friday Random Improv sessions and develop it into a full-fledged story (I’m thinking cozy-mystery).  The advantage of that choice is that I already know the characters and their voices very well, so I should be able to get off to a strong start.  The fortune below seems to be all in favour of this option.

“A romantic mystery will soon add interest to your life.”

I have a few days to decide.  Hopefully after my collage work this weekend I’ll have a better feeling for which story has the most potential.  If not, I may have to set aside the fortune cookies and flip a coin instead.

Regardless of which story I ultimately work on, I’m hoping this last fortune is a good omen.

“You will be rewarded for your hard work this past month”

Note to self:  Stock up on fortune cookies, just in case writer’s block strikes during NaNo.

So how about you?  Where are you getting your inspiration from these days?

11 thoughts on “Elizabeth: I Read it in a Fortune Cookie

  1. They say you learn something new every day. If it’s only supposed to be one thing per day, then I’m already done, as your post has just caused me to learn about cozies. I mean other than in the sense of teapots and crocheting.

  2. Nov 1 is right around the corner! I’m sure whatever you pick to write, you’ll have a lot of fun and hit your word count. Or else you’ll have a learning experience. Either way is good!

    Ah, inspiration. I remembered last night when I was shutting down that at one point I’d had a really good idea about why Phoebe would fail her driving test. Did I write it down? No. Did I remember it? No. So I googled “Why do people fail a driver’s test.” And came up with just about what you’d expect: did a U-turn in the middle of the street. Failed to stop. Failed to yield. Blah, blah.

    Somewhere, that idea lurks. I’m hoping the inspiration fairy comes and sits on my shoulder one of these days.

    • Ooh, I just hate it when that happens. Whenever inspiration strikes on the commute home, I’m always *sure* I’ll remember the idea when I get home, but I almost never do. Very frustrating. Hope your inspiration fairy decides to play nice and send you the idea again.

    • A relative failed her driver’s test twice before finally getting it. First time, she didn’t read the manual and got tripped up on the “trick” questions of the written. Second time, she scraped a car when she parked (oops!). Third time was the charm (-:.

      There are some stupid things. I have had to take the driver’s exam far too many times because I’m out of the country and forget to renew it. The closest call was when the tester said, “OK, I want you to secure the car and get out and check it.” I had to ask for a hint, which she kindly gave me: use the parking brake. (For the record, I would always use a parking brake on hills, but I tend to forget about it when I’m parked on flat ground.)

      There are many, many silly reasons to fail a test . . . .

  3. Lucky you, to have a choice of projects, Elizabeth! I have my fingers crossed for Detective Cassie. I’d buy that book in a heartbeat.

    (Kay: not the Inspiration Fairy, but I do have some emails about Phoebe’s driver’s test from a while back when we were chatting. I’ll forward them in case that’s what was lurking at the back of your mind. Here’s hoping!)

  4. LOL, no way you got that “a romantic fantasy . . . .” Well, fate has spoken, and you agree! Detective Cassie looks like your destiny.

    I have fooled around with fortunetelling quite a bit, ever since I was a kid. I don’t believe in it, per se, but I do think we notice and remember stuff that’s important, and fortunetelling can give us a wider range of things to notice. If it’s not applicable, we tend to forget it. If it niggles, there might be something there.

    So, anyway, I recently installed a tarot app in that spirit, and to tell the truth, it’s been freaking me out. Over the last 10 days or so, my cards of the day have been a bit frightening. Death. Tower. Lots of swords piercing bodies. Yesterday was “Judgement”. Today is the four of cups, which among other things, means withdrawal and daydreaming. Ugh. And of course, my normal life has been just normal and boring. No great changes happening at all. Aside from the minor freakouts caused by the tarot, it’s been a fairly smooth, boring week. I keep telling myself that I don’t believe in this stuff, but . . . seriously, what other tragic cards of the day can I get? I should be OK. November should be full of the tarot equivalent of butterflies and roses.

    I have been getting some dreams lately, and two nights were quite helpful with my story, so there’s that.

    I shouldn’t keep rambling on, but I haven’t quite decided what to do about NaNo, either. I would like to finish my current WIP (at least to first draft stage) by Oct. 31. It’s possible it could happen. I’ve made a few breakthroughs. Then I could work on the final novella during November as a pure discovery draft. I think I do want to take advantage of the word-count accountability of NaNo, even if I “cheat” and work on two stories during that time.

    (-: I really like their word chart from last year. I think I’d actually pay a few bucks for a program like that . . . .

    • I know nothing about the tarot, but once when I had a reading and pulled the Death card, the interpreter said that was more about the end of something in my life, rather than literal death. Maybe your cards are reflecting something like that? The end of plotting insecurity, that’s what I’d like to have!

      • YES! I would like to have a heaping helping of towering, death and other cards-of-change for my writing neuroses. I just checked — today’s card-of-the-day is Five of Swords, with several being carried by some grinning red-headed boy. OK, defeat for the writing obstacles! Let’s go with that!

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