Michaeline: Helplessly in love!

Picture of Alexander Hamilton from the ten-dollar bill

“There’s a million things I haven’t done. Just you wait, just you wait.” (Image via Wikimedia Commons, lyric via Lin-Manuel Miranda)

I have been enjoying the Hamilton soundtrack so much over the past few weeks, and have been too busy being swept away by the music to attempt any sort of real analysis. But last night on YouTube, I stumbled on my new favorite thing: “Helpless” as primitively illustrated by OneEyedFreak.

Yes, it’s got me “Helpless!” It describes how Elizabeth Schuyler falls in love with Alexander Hamilton, and is speedily courted and married.

The art is just great — so simple, like love, but full of spins and whirls that complement the soaring music.

Who would have guessed that a musical about the guy on the ten-dollar bill would be so interesting? We’ve got violence, war, grief, sex, love, marriage, more sex, betrayal, murder . . . . I gotta figure out how to get more of that into my WIP!

And remember, follow your muses, even if they lead you to a 18th century secretary of the treasury. They may know what they are doing.

3 thoughts on “Michaeline: Helplessly in love!

  1. Love that video, Michaeline. Thanks so much for sharing the link. We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Hamilton here. I want to see firsthand how, what would seem at first gkance to be a mundane kind if topic, was turned into such a popular hit.

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