Michille: Read-A-Romance Month

August isRARM-2016-square-300x297 Read-A-Romance Month. What is that? According to the website it “was conceived and launched in 2013 by freelance writer and romance advocate Bobbi Dumas, after she realized there was no one place where the community celebrated romance all together, at one time, in a concentrated way. Read-A-Romance Month is cross-publisher and cross-genre, and represents a broad spectrum of authors and books.” 

After my last post, it was refreshing to find a voice in direct opposition to the bashing the romance genre usually gets. She has a great rebuttal to a William Giraldi piece here  and Alyssa Rosenberg has another one here. Giraldi bashed Fifty Shades of Grey specifically, and while I can’t fault him for his opinion of how poorly it was written (because I agree), I can fault his use of that as representative of all romance, like all romance is erotic romance. Here is a line from his piece that sums up his opinion: “romance novels, like racists, tend to be the same wherever you turn.” Right.

But I digress. This is about reading romance novels. And [NEWSFLASH] there are a lot of different subgenres and writing styles to choose from. The page has a series of posts/essays by authors who discuss why they love romance. I saw a lot of names on the calendar of authors I had never heard of, like Christina Lauren and Weina Dai Randel, or authors I’ve heard of and keep meaning to read, like Joanna Bourne and Shiloh Walker. But all the posters offer recommendations for other books to read (not just their own).

I’ll definitely tune in on Day 15 because I love the Romance Sociology ladies (Jen Lois & Joanna Gregson) and that is their post day.

Off to read more romance although I should also be writing it. What are you reading and/or writing these days?

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