Kay: All the Data


Slide 12 from the Data Guy’s presentation.

I’ve just returned from RWA’s national conference in San Diego, a trip I thought I’d skip but then went to after all. Jilly needed a California road trip, and who wouldn’t want to go along?

As always, the conference was packed, and my biggest complaint was that the hotel didn’t have enough chairs at the bar, and not enough waiters, either, for that matter. I went to my share of workshops, but one that I didn’t go to was a slide presentation by the Data Guy about ebook and indie sales.

Although the data isn’t complete, it’s a fascinating read. Still, given how hard it is to track indie sales across the spectrum of authors, it’s probably the best we can have right now.

Where do you fit in?



4 thoughts on “Kay: All the Data

  1. Kay, thanks for sharing the “number” presentation. A lot if good information there, though it would really be interesting to see what the numbers would look like of *all* indie/self-pub sales were included, as well as how quickly the numbers are changing.

  2. I know—the data set is incomplete, and more data definitely would be better. My understanding is that some authors gave the data guy permission to follow their accounts, and the rest of the info is from his bots that he set loose on Amazon—and that’s periodic data, not daily feeds, and not from everybody. But I think the observations have some value as a partial snapshot.

  3. What an informative presentation. It’s a shame this sort of thing is only available (during the conference, anyway), to PAN authors. It is definitely relevant to those of us trying to figure out how to break into the whole publishing thing, which path we should follow, whether to do KU or not, etc. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Are you feeling a bit recovered by now? Thanks for posting the link! The figures really are enlightening.

    I would like to hear more about KU (Kindle Unlimited); I’ll be googling, but if any of you use it, please chime in!

    I don’t have a lot of choice in what I write. I get these gifts, and they are just about as long as they are (I could probably fudge them one way or the other by 10 percent or so, but not much more unless I’ve done a super-messy first draft). I don’t have a lot of choice as to genre, and my characters, and settings. Something in my brain puts them together, and all I can do is feed my brain and hope for the best.

    But it is extremely reassuring to see that while paranormal isn’t at the top of the list, it isn’t at the bottom, either. If I get an eight-novel series, I won’t not-write it because I’m afraid it won’t sell.

    Oh well. First things first.

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