Michaeline: The Wedding Meet

“Let’s be honest: Weddings are a really great place to meet men. The bride and groom can vouch for everyone in attendance . . . and the setting is perfect for matchmaking: The mood is jovial, the drinks are plentiful, and the music is just right.” – Glamour, “How to Pick Up a Guy at a Wedding”, July 22, 2014.

 LOL, you gotta love Glamour magazine for ficcing up our existence. But, in theory, doesn’t a wedding meet sound like a great way to start a love story? There’s the stress, the expectations, and then the lovely way all the Happy Dreams of the Virgin Road can come tumbling down in conflict and trouble. You’ve got a built-in community. People can convey your backstory in delicious dialogs, and oh, the inner thoughts a POV character can have at a wedding!

18th century wedding couple heading off for the honeymoon

Love and marriage, and all the assorted romance involved with a wedding. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

I like the idea a lot. I’m a big fan of the “marriage of convenience that turns into love” trope – especially when Georgette Heyer is doing the writing, such as in A Civil Contract.

Then there’s the whole, “I need a date for a wedding,” which is a minor plot driver for my favorite Jennifer Crusie novel, Bet Me. BuzzFeed also tackles this whole date-for-the-wedding issue, but in the context of an established relationship. (“Weird Thoughts All Couples Have at Weddings”, (2:15))

One of my favorite Friends (a 90s American sitcom) episodes is when Monica and Chandler fall hard for each other at a wedding-gone-wrong. Bustle has a time-line of their relationship that claims the relationship goes back to Thanksgiving 1987, but Episode 24 of Season 4 is when we really know.

Finally, there’s the wedding meet. According to this 2015 Telegraph (UK) article, one out of four men admitted to kissing or sleeping with someone they’d met at a wedding. (catcall!) The article has a very interesting perspective of how men view their role as wedding guest – they feel a bit insecure in this social ceremony, so they tend to spend almost as much as women on clothing, beauty treatments and gifts, the author wrote.

Lots of great literature starts with a wedding – and there’s room for more! What’s your favorite wedding story?

4 thoughts on “Michaeline: The Wedding Meet

    • My daughter introduced me to BuzzFeed videos with something like, “Try Girls Try Mom Jeans” or something. I got really hooked on the other ones that appeared in my recommendation feed. BuzzFeed captures that charming unsureness younger couples have, and they manage to do it in just a few minutes. I’m really loving it! It’s not as satisfying as something with a whole arc, but sometimes the videos link together and provide something like an arc. I really like the unfulfilled mutual crushing of Andrew and Ashley . . . but it seems that is over now . . . .

  1. Wedding stories…

    Long ago, my husband’s personal tutor from University, a brilliant and charming man with a somewhat volatile private life, asked DH “Can I bring a tart to your wedding?” DH asked me. I was not amused and said no, tutor could not bring one of his tarts to an important personal event. So tutor came to the wedding solo and went to meet the ‘tart’ later. Tart turned out to be a delightful, classy, intelligent and wholly un-tart-like woman we’d have been delighted to invite. They married, he reformed, they had a family and as far as I know they are still very happily together. I was hugely embarrassed, but she also had a sense of humour and was kind enough to forgive me.

    • (-: Oh goodness! He should have explained what he meant! Or maybe it was for the best — weddings can bring out a lot of weirdness in the guests. I love a good reformed rake story! LOL, and characters with “volatile private lives” sound like a lot of fun. Not so fun for the participants involved, I think, but story-wise, very useful.

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