Michille: One More Writing Course

productivity-hacks-course-thumbnail-v2-300x169Although I swore I wouldn’t do another writing course until I got more words on the pages of my current WIP, I just signed up for one. Productivity Hacks for Writers by Jessica Brody on udemy. The tagline for it is: Simple Strategies and Proven Techniques to Be More Productive and Get the Most Out of Every Writing Day. I attended a breakout session at RWA (Atlanta, I think) that was excellent. She is an enthusiastic, endlessly positive, motivational speaker who believes wholeheartedly in her product. In fact, she reminds me of Steven Covey, except with a cheerleader’s energy and pompoms rather than Covey’s slow-paced, methodical delivery.

I certainly need all the help I can get to be more productive. There are 42 lectures with 3 hours of video (lifetime access so I won’t lose any if I can’t get to them immediately) separated into six sections Here is another blurb from the email:

  That’s 20+ strategies, tips, tools and techniques to help you:
• Eliminate distractions
• Inspire creativity
• Stay organized
• Boost brain function
• Focus your attention and energy
• Effortlessly get into the writing zone every single day

You can find a link to her writing courses here and links to all the udemy here. My world is topsy-turvy right now and I’m hoping this will give me some tips to focus and write. It would be a great escape from the crazy. I know several of us 8Ladies are intentionally NOT taking classes/workshops until we reach a milestone, and I was one of them. Hopefully this will help me out.

What are you doing to advance your writing?

9 thoughts on “Michille: One More Writing Course

  1. I saw Bob Mayer at the Cleveland RWA workshop a few weeks ago. Most of what he said was a good reminder, but not much new. I think it may be time to practice what I’ve already learned until I master it!

  2. I still have the lecture notes from Angela James’s self-editing course that I signed up for last year and then had to bail out of. And I bought myself some of Margie Lawson’s lecture packets last Christmas. I haven’t spent quality time with either set of materials, but I’m planning to when I finally finish the first draft of this WIP and move to editing.

    Apart from that, I’m going to RWA next month – I hope that will be fun and inspiration with some craft thrown in. And I have a plan for a contemporary romance (several books down the line, but never mind!) that requires some Californian research, so I’m planning to do that on my way to San Diego.

    Please report back on your productivity course – who wouldn’t love to write faster and more effectively??

    • I took a Margie Lawson series course in January and didn’t finish it, but have all the materials. It was good stuff and I’d love to get back to it. Maybe I can use some of her stuff as practice with the productivity hacks.

  3. I’d love to hear more about the course, Michille. The one productivity tip I once learned that I’ve been unable to apply to my own schedule is timing when you start work and then counting how many words you do in that time to get a words-per-hour rate, and then see which part of the day you’re most productive in and stick to that. And though I work at home, and irregularly at that, I still can’t sit down at the same time every day. And I never get as much done as I like, and the next day I wind up deleting most of it, anyway. Any productivity hints would be much appreciated!

    • I can’t seem to get a writing schedule that works either and life is CRAZY right now (yes, I shouted that). Now I need time to sit down and do the productivity course in order to get more productive. Not sure when that will be (sigh).

  4. I’m still processing stuff from the McDaniel’s course! I go back and read the books we were assigned, and often come out with a new, deeper appreciation. The last thing new thing I did for studying was buying Steven Pinker’s The Sense of Style, which was well worth reading, and I should probably re-read it again when I have time.

    I think being in a course, though, is great motivation for re-dedicating yourself to the things you know you have to do, but have let fallen by the wayside.

    My big thing this weekend is to allow lots of time for recuperation. Good food, decent bedtime, meditation/nap time, and also enjoying some random stories. I’m trying to find a main theme for a longer WIP, so maybe letting my conscious mind go fallow (or even bored!) may be the answer.

    I’m kind of pissed that my work is getting in the way of things. At this point, I should be able to do this job on autopilot, but there are always changes — they are increasing the hours, so I have to find a way to do more things without growing polyps on my vocal chords. That takes creative mojo that I’d MUCH rather be devoting to my lovely, lovely story. Oh well, maybe a good rest this weekend will let me tackle both.

    • The whole work getting in the way of things is definitely a part of my life right now as are many other things. I don’t have to worry about polyps, just time to fit it all in. Balancing life, work, writing and enrichment is a challenge. We will rise to it, though.

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