Michaeline: Random Thoughts of May

Young Japanese woman holding an umbrella, biting on a scarf.

Hiroshige’s Spring Night, under the cherry blossoms, in a driving rain. Image via Wikimedia Commons

May is such a great time of year, in the northern hemisphere. Spring is almost here in my little latitude. The cherry blossoms are blooming, people are picnicking, and the trees are all that lovely fresh color of green, just before they put on their summer frocks. Call it lingerie green – the slip just before the grand unfolding.

Meanwhile, down in the southern hemisphere, it must be a little bit like David Bowie’s “Warszawa”. Gloomy, lonely, maybe with just that little bit of snow, speeding towards an inevitable winter.

Flip of the globe, flip of the coin. Whatcha gonna do? It’d be a funny old world if we lost a whole hemisphere because the weather wasn’t very nice. Pretty wobbly, and let’s face it, our problems would more than double.

So, that’s what I’m thinking about this May Saturday. Life and death. Sunny days and gloomy clouds. Sullen electronica and happy ukulele strums. And how in the heck can I mix them together into a lovely, cohesive whole?

What’s on your mind this Saturday morning?

Here’s David Bowie’s “Warszawa” on YouTube. Sounds like an old black-and-white film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Gy94N_mcWs

And here’s a lovely cover of “Over the Rainbow” with Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole on the ukulele. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fahr069-fzE

And because every random thought post should include a kitty picture, here is Yuta, thinking things over.

Siamese cat being dreamy on his scratching post.

Spring fever overcomes the kitty.

6 thoughts on “Michaeline: Random Thoughts of May

  1. Speaking of hemispheres, did you realize the southern hemisphere is always tilted toward the center of the Milky Way, where the majority of our galaxy’s 300 billion stars are? The northern hemisphere is always pointed toward its outer edges. Hence, stargazing in the southern hemisphere is an entirely different–and, I would think, more stunning–experience.

    This non sequitur brought to you by the fact that I’m reading physics books for fun (no, seriously!) as well as for research for my future Nicky O stories (as his father is Denmark’s most famous physicist since Tycho Brahe). And this has nothing to do with the Victorian Romance WIP that I’m trying to wrestle to the ground. So lots of random thoughts here as well :-).

    • Very cool! Australia is a popular destination, and the rest of my immediate family has been on various group and school trips. Not me . . . but someday (-:. I’d love to head out into the Outback and do some star-gazing.

      Did anyone see the asteroid shower? We found out about it late, and also, it was cloudy.

      Good luck with the manuscript wrangling!

      • We did a bird-watching trip bush camping in the Kimberley a few years ago, Michaeline. We had a wonderful time and the stars were spectacular. Strongly recommended!

        I remember the first time we went on holiday to a destination where there was no electricity and no reflected light (trekking in Nepal) I went for a bathroom break during the night and was stunned by the beauty of the night sky. It was full of stars, not just the familiar twinkly few we can see from home. The experience easily justified skipping a few creature comforts.

        • Oh, how gorgeous it must have been! That sets off interesting speculation. My grandmother was born in a house with no indoor plumbing — there was an outhouse. I’m pretty sure they had an indoor potty by the time my mother came along, though. What a different kind of life that must have been, seeing the stars at all hours of the night, as needs drove.

          (-: I’ll remember the Kimberley!

  2. I love that version of Over the Rainbow. The only version that’s as good as Judy Garland’s and sung with as much emotion, imo. Thanks for putting up the link!

    • I love Judy Garland . . . . There’s just something powerful about sitting in black-and-white Kansas, and dreaming of Oz. (-: And of course, the grass is always greener. Dorothy got to beautiful Oz, and started longing for Kansas.

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