Kay: How’s the Book Going?

I’ve been struggling with my WIP. Some of you might remember that the last time I checked in here, I thought it was time to throw in the towel. Since then, I’ve had some solid, interesting feedback about my dilemma, and none of it is personified better than this post by Erin Chack on BuzzFeed. To the question, “How’s the book going?” here are 21 things that will make sense to writers.

1. When your story has a strong beginning and end but no middle:










2. When you think about the characters you’ve created:









3. When people ask you how the writing is going:








4. When you’re revising:










Check out the BuzzFeed post for the rest. I promise you, you’ll see yourself in every example.

So, how’s your book going?

7 thoughts on “Kay: How’s the Book Going?

  1. Thanks for that link, Kay! It added some much-needed levity to my morning. I’m feeling a lot like #3 today :-/. I hope you’re on a better path with your WIP this week.

    • Number 3 for me, too!

      Impressed to hear you’re still wrestling the recalcitrant WIP, Kay. Here’s hoping your characters finally realise who’s boss 😀 .

      • Yeah, I’m going to give it another shot. I’ve been refreshing my memory about what everybody’s goal is. I thought of a running gag I could add (means a lot of rework, but worth it, I think). And I thought of something Sanjay could do. He’s been bothering me, that he isn’t at the party. So…once more into the fray!

  2. Here’s my problem: a hedge witch, a frost god and a leprechaun walk into a summer camp and . . . .

    Where the hell is the punchline? No, actually, I have the ending. I think I even have the middle, to a great extent. My problem is getting everyone to play nice on the road trip from beginning to end. Synthesizing.

    Oh, and always, #5. When language is making me crazy, and my Girls are saying, “whut r werds? Das yore biznes (busy-ness), left brane.”

    (-: Ah, there. Now I feel better.

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