Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – April Fool’s Edition!

AprilFoolsIt’s no joke; it’s Friday and time for another installment of Random Word Improv.

Whether you wrote a lot, a little, or none at all this week, a few minutes of Improv are a great way to have a little fun and get some words on the page.  As a plus, it will improve your daily word count.

All right, let’s get started.  This week’s words have an “April Fool’s Day” theme to them.  Do with them what you will.

Today’s bonus word is:                   schadenfreude

Today’s bonus phrase is:              “the joke’s on you”

Here are the rest of today’s randomly selected random words:

foolish                  trick                       harmless             practical

cuckoo                  serious                 gullible                hilarious

hoax                     embarrass           laugh                     prank   

For any of you new to Random Word Improv, here’s how to play:

  1. Pick as many words from the list as you want
  2. Write the first line(s) of a story incorporating your words
  3. Post your results in the comments section.

Okay.  Are you ready?  Go tell us a story!

*whistling aimlessly while you are off being creative*

You’re back.  Kind of fun, fight?  Can’t wait to see what you have come up with.

11 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – April Fool’s Edition!

  1. Hello – I’m terrible at Random Word Improv, so I’ll just wait to see what the rest of you have done 🙂

    But I have started a new draft of my WIP today and to kick start me I’ve decided to do Camp Nanowrimo. I just wondered if anyone else is doing it this time?

    • Glad to see you Rachel and congrats on starting your new WIP. I’ve done NaNo, but not Camp Nanowrimo. Does it work the same way?

    • Hoorah! I won’t be doing the summer version, but I hope you keep us posted with your progress. I loved NaNoing! Current work isn’t really a NaNo, I’m afraid. Or maybe it will be . . . I should check and see when it starts.

  2. I’m not doing Camp NaNo, but I’ve seen a lot of discussion about it on the RWA Pro loop. Will be interested to hear your feedback, Rachel.

    Not thrilled by my April Fool’s improv, but it does have all the words.

  3. Neither of the boys had touched their breakfast, which was a dead giveaway. Normally just the smell of bacon sent them into a feeding frenzy.

    “Did you check your lottery ticket, dad?” Steven’s face was a picture of harmless innocence, but he elbowed Michael in the ribs when he thought I wasn’t looking. Michael kicked him back under the table, hard, and they both tried not to laugh.

    How gullible did they think I was?

    Every day was Embarrass Dear Old Dad Day, so it stood to reason they’d up the ante on 1 April. Their ingenuity knew no bounds, and I’d expected something mortifying, followed by lashings of juvenile schadenfreude. Some clever trick more subtle than a hoax lottery win, hilarious though that would be.

    “No, why?” I asked, the epitome of the foolish, credulous oldie.

    “It was a rollover last night,” Michael offered. “If you won the big one, can I have a new bike?”

    “If I’ve won the big one, I’ll buy you a Ducati.”

    “ Are you serious?” He beamed at me.

    “I’d rather have cash,” Steven said, ever practical. “Will you check now, just in case?”

    I shot a quick glance at the cuckoo clock above Steve’s head. Just after ten, damnit. No chance of stalling until after noon when they’d have to own up to their stupid prank.

    “Sure. You read out the numbers, I’ll check them.”

    I slid the ticket from under the fridge magnet and squinted at it. Felt on top of my head for my glasses and walked over to the window over the sink, where the light was better. “Oops.” The boys stared at me, open-mouthed as the ticket floated out of my hands into the waiting bowl of hot suds. I reached down and dunked it more thoroughly, just to make sure.

    Michael’s frantic dive across the kitchen should have warned me, but I was too busy congratulating myself.

    “The joke’s on you, boys,” I said, before realising that, as usual, it wasn’t.

    • I love it Jilly. Great twist at the end. I won’t get a chance to work up my own entry until later tonight. Hope I can do at least half as well.

      Favorite phrasing: “lashings of juvenile schadenfreude”

  4. Okay, here’s today’s offering in the ongoing saga of Cassie and Nicolai. Today Nicolai is off resting up for his big “date” with Penelope, so Cassie is on her own.

    * * *

    Chief Daniels is a big believer in the importance of interacting with the community in order to build trust and establish open lines of communication, so my day started with a Habitat for Humanity project.

    Besides helping a family in need, it was a great way to find out what was going on in town. For some reason, people had a tendency to tell me things, even when I wasn’t trying to get them to. The trick was to filter out the true facts from the harmless gossip.

    Fortunately, that was my area of expertise.

    When I arrived at the project site I checked in with the volunteer coordinator and got my assignment. Since I had no practical experience with carpentry or electrical systems, I was in the painting group.

    “Can’t get in much trouble there,” the coordinator said as he handed me a pair of paint stained coveralls and pointed me toward the rooms that were to be painted.

    The joke’s on you, I thought as he walked away. The last time I’d done any painting my brother and I managed to upend a gallon of paint the brand new living room carpet, catching the family dog in the process. The poor pup had a mint-green spotted coat for weeks.

    We both thought it was hilarious, but Mother was Not Amused. She wasn’t foolish enough let us near paint ever again, which meant we were permanently stuck on cleanup detail instead.

    Today I was just glad not to be anywhere near the hammering or sawing. Though I have a head like a rock, I woke up with a serious hangover this morning after trying to help Nicolai drink his troubles away last night.

    As I entered what appeared to be the living room a pretty blonde with a t-shirt proclaiming her to be the painting lead handed me a roller and gave me some basic instructions.

    Debbie, Carol, and Maria made up the rest of our little painting group. We taped off the ceiling and baseboards, and spread out tarps to protect the floor, before finally getting to work.

    Once we began rolling paint on the walls it wasn’t long before the gossip started. The ladies in my group all knew each other quite well so, as the only stranger, I was the initial focus of their attention. They wanted to know who I was, where I was from and whether that really was my natural hair colour. I kept my answers short and to the point, then steered the conversation back to them.

    When I heard the name Penelope mentioned a little while later, I paid close attention while trying to pretend casual interest.

    “How’s she doing?” Maria asked as she refilled her paint tray.

    “Her usual robotic self.” Debbie gave her head a little shake. “I doubt if the councilman’s death has had an impact at all. She was always a bit of a cold fish.”

    Carol lowered her roller and rolled her shoulders. “I don’t know why on earth she ever dated him. He was such a cuckoo with his hoaxes and practical jokes.”

    Penelope dated Councilman Andrews? How did we miss that?

    “Uh, Cassie, I think you’ve got that spot covered.” Maria pointed to the spot on the wall that I’d been going over for the past several minutes as I listened to their conversation.

    I gave an embarrassed little laugh and moved on to the next section of wall.

    “Well, she’s always been a little odd,” Debbie said, returning to the topic at hand. “Though dating King Schadenfreude seemed a little strange, even for her.”

    “I’d have thought it was all an elaborate prank if she had anything resembling a sense of humour,” Carol said as she stood back to survey her finished wall.

    “She’s a surgeon over at County Medical isn’t she?” I asked, trying to tease out some information. At their nods of agreement I continued. “What kind of guys does she usually date?”

    Maria laughed. “She doesn’t, really. She’s never been very good with people. Super smart, but gullible.”

    “Her work is pretty much her whole life,” Carol chimed in.

    In that case, either she’d changed or the councilman had something she wanted. I was willing to bet it was the later. Now the question was what had Penelope wanted from the councilman and was it something worth killing for?

    • Ooh, the plot thickens! Love Cassie and Nicolai together, but very interesting to see Cassie in first person for a change. Hope we get Nicolai and Penelope’s big date next week.

      Funny thing, the consultant who treated my husband when he had a serious episode in hospital (three years ago this weekend) was called Penelope. She was very young and extremely pretty, with peaches-and-cream skin and a swingy pony tail, and was incredibly posh. She looked and sounded like a rich daddy’s girl but clearly wasn’t. When DH was safely on the mend we spent an irreverent hour or two inventing stories to explain what she could possibly have been doing in our local, not-private, not-at-all posh hospital.

      • Glad you liked it Jilly and yes, Nicolai and Penelope are up next week. Since we’re in first person now, that also means Cassie will be there somewhere. Love the story of your Penelope. She sounds like the antithesis of mine.

        • This is shaping up so nicely! I wonder if there’s any interest anywhere for episodic fiction. Possibly YouTube, but that’d be an actual production, not just words on page. Looking forward to the next installment. I really like that it’s set in a Habitat for Humanity project.

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