Nancy: Happy Leap Day!

Leap DayHappy Leap Day, everyone! At our house, we’re celebrating in a big way. It’s not so much that it’s leap day, though, but that it’s the one time every four years my husband gets a real birthday. So, happy birthday, Peter!

In other (non-writing-related) news, I’m moving! Days, that is. Justine has graciously agreed to share the Tuesday spotlight with me. So next week, things will be a little quiet here Monday, but I’ll be by Tuesday to share my February writing and life progress. Then Justine will be back March 15, and so on, and so on…you get the idea. And knowing this group of ladies, Mondays might not always be quiet. We might have tricks and guests and alternative plans of our sleeves, so stay tuned!

I hope you’ll be able to use the extra day this year to get in some writing. And if you get a chance and are so inclined, raise a glass to Peter and all those other poor leap-day babies (who, in my experience, still get a birthday celebration during non leap-day years – it just lasts the entire month of February). See you next Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Nancy: Happy Leap Day!

  1. Happy Birthday, Peter!

    Gosh, I hoped I could squeeze in 24 hours of extra productivity into the year, but it turned out to be the Snowiest Day Ever. During the day, we must have gotten about 20 inches of snow (50 to 60 cm is what I’m seeing). I spent some quality time in my car, waiting for my husband to answer the phone and dig me out. Two km. from the house . . . I could have walked home, but I didn’t know how to leave the car (it had slid into the wrong lane of a country road, which is much better than in a ditch).

    On the plus side, I’d downloaded a very good podcast to keep me company on the long drive home (-:.

    • Oh no! We felt your pain back in January here on the US east coast. I hope you’re now safe, warm, and cozied up in front of a fire with a good book (reading or writing)!

  2. Thanks for all the birthday well-wishes!

    We had a quiet, subdued, but quite lovely celebration. For me, it was just a treat to see my husband, daughter, and daughter’s SO. And my husband will get a big celebration, it will just be a month or so late, when my day job craziness settles down a bit. So nothing but good times ahead!

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