Justine: The Original, Historical Tinder

In homage to Valentine’s Day (and that oh-so-hard pick-up line), check out this cheeky video from Great Big Story…about the original Tinder. Perhaps you’ll write this (or some variation thereof) into your next historical (or even contemporary) romance!

4 thoughts on “Justine: The Original, Historical Tinder

  1. Love the story and the video, Justine! I just recently ran across a card something like this: On it was only a man’s name and his “credentials,” which included “party organizer” and “rabble rouser,” among others. Really a fun conversation starter.

    • Now those are great credentials! I’m reading a book by Victoria Alexander right now (I think it’s called “The Daring Exploits of a Runaway Heiress” or something like that) and the heroine, who is out to do all the things her great aunt never did, would likely enjoy meeting a man touting those specialties!

  2. Fun! There’s this very quirky little podcast called “Tea and Jeopardy” hosted by Emma Newman, and her guests always present a calling card that Emma describes for us. (The guests are writers, agents, illustrators of SFF.) Word Wrangler, or stuff like that. I’ve often wondered: what would I put on my calling card?

    LOL, haven’t figured it out yet. I rather like the directness of “Who the devil are you?” Shows a certain amount of interest in my new acquaintances.

    Chuck Wendig, on episode one, put “Lord Penmonkey” on his card. That’s very Chuck (-:. I need to find something that’s very Michaeline.


    • I will have to check that out. Lord Penmonkey sounds about right for Chuck. I don’t know what I’d put on my cards, either, but perhaps that bears consideration.

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