Nancy: I Heart Writers

Put Your Heart In a BookAs we here in the Mid-Atlantic start digging ourselves out of the snow (34 inches at our house!), I find my mind wandering to thoughts of warmer climes. Last year around this time, most of the 8 ladies converged on Neen’s house in sunny Arizona, and Neen was kind enough to extend that offer to us again this year. Unfortunately, 2016 finds many of us are suffering from life interruptus and unable to make the trip. Oh, how I wish that had not been the case as I bundle up and trek outside to figure out which white lump is hiding my car.

But in truth, it’s not the 70+ degree F weather in January I miss. It’s the amazing camaraderie of being in the same time and place as these other wonderful writers. It’s brainstorming plot problems over lunch and hearing about next book ideas over after-dinner drinks. It’s sitting on the patio with a group of people who are each amazing in their own right, sharing the trials and tribulations and joys of the crazy thing called the writer’s life, in all its many forms.

If I sound nostalgic, it’s because that’s how I’m feeling today. I just got the final schedule for my day-job project from hell, and learned that the project deadline, which will mark my ability to return to my previously-scheduled life, is April 25th. From now until then, I’ll have little time for writing or participating in writerly activities.

But I’ll still be here, posting on Mondays and commenting on other days if and when I can. When I don’t have time to comment, I’ll still be reading every post that hits my inbox, even if it’s just a speed-read while brushing my teeth in the morning. And I’ll be savoring stolen moments when I can dive into the comments on writing sprint Fridays to catch up with Cindy and Bartleby and whatever other fantastical stories this talented group has to share. I’ll be living the writer’s life vicariously for a while, until I can return to my own.

So today I’m grateful for all the writers -who also happen to be friends – on this blog, as well as those on other blogs and loops and internet spaces where my favorite storytellers tend to be. I heart all of you, and look forward to staying connected through your words and stories until that wondrous day three months from now when I can return to my own.

Happy writing, all! And write a few words for me while you’re at it.


7 thoughts on “Nancy: I Heart Writers

  1. Nancy, I’m so sorry your schedule will be so hellish for the next few months. Good luck with that project, and we’ll all look forward to reading pages whenever you write them!

  2. Here’s a toast to you! After the hell months, the writing will be even sweeter.

    And here’s a toast to all of you! (whoo-hoo, I’m getting tipsy!) It’s so good to have a community of friends to turn to for advice and entertainment and encouragement.

  3. I second missing the camaraderie of being in the same time and place as other writers and sympathize with your day-job schedule. Hope you’re able to find at least a few stolen moments here and there to, if not physically write, then at least give your story (stories) some thinking time.

  4. AZ was lovely again this year (and 60 degrees warmer than home) and it was great seeing Justine, but I missed the rest of you. Maybe next year….

  5. Nancy, this post is just another log on the fire under my butt to reach out to writers in my physical community to bond with. Social media has kept me content for too long with almost feeling a part of something. But yes, face to face socialization is where it is at! in good weather helps too. And there is that something special that comes with the smell of coffee and tea while physically touching pages being passed around the room for critique. 🙂 Hope you get some of that soon. Don’t shovel too hard out there. I’m sure that snow will melt sometime!

  6. I’m looking forward to regular meetings with my critique partners again. We haven’t done that since August. One of them is unavailable this week, but my other CP, Jenn, and I are getting together for cream tea and critiques on Thursday. I personally can’t wait. Plus, I have two chapters of a contemporary story for her to read. Jeanne’s suggestion (and a good one, IMHO), to try something else for a little while to get the writing fires burning again.

    I missed all of you coming to my house this year (particularly since I fixed the pool heater!). It was wonderful to connect with Jeanne a couple weeks ago, but as you all have said, there’s nothing like a community of writers all in the same place. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at some point over the next year, whether at a conference or my house or somewhere in between!

  7. I’m sorry you’re so bogged down Nancy. I can second all your thoughts on our writing retreat last year. I loved spending three days with other writers. I got so much done and came home and whipped out 40,000 words. I need that push again so I can whip out 40,000 more.

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