Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – The Saga Continues!

stopwatch graphicAnother Friday and it’s my favorite kind – a Friday off work. Yay! I’m sure that will give me plenty of time to make some great progress on the manuscript. Right?

I think some Random Word Improv is just the way to kick off the day. Thanks to those who tried their hand at last week’s random words. My own intentions were good, but I missed on the implementation. I have high-hopes for today’s words.

I’m just off a high-intensity week of day-job so I’m not sure if there is a pattern to today’s words or not. If there is, I’m sure someone will find it. We have a Bonus Word again this week and if your improv builds on a previously started story (yours or someone else’s) you’ll get virtual bonus points.

Today’s bonus word is: perambulate

Here are the rest of today’s random words from a randomly selected random word generator:

harpoon               confetti                           bubblegum                      dalliance

anvil                      witness                             contradiction                 ticking

riddle                    incinerate                      decode                                 bluff

For any of you new to Random Word Improv, here’s how to play:

  1. Pick as many words from the list as you want
  2. Write the first line(s) of a story incorporating your words
  3. Post your results in the comments section.

Okay. Are you ready? Go tell us a story!

*whistling aimlessly while you are off being creative*

Ah, you’re back. Kind of fun, right? Can’t wait to see what you have come up with.

Productive and happy writing to all.

17 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – The Saga Continues!

  1. God, I need this today. Long, long day at work, and so I’m just going to turn off the inner censor and let it go.

    Lord Frothington perambulated around the witness stand. Such a pity he had decided to be his own counsel, but everyone who knew Lord Frothington knew that he would do so. And they all rolled their eyes to varying degrees of disgust and pity, but they also knew nothing could be done with Lord Frothington. He would be a self-made man until he managed to undo himself.

    The witness was unconcerned. She snapped her bubblegum in impatience. “Ya gonna ask me a question, or what? I wanna get back to the diner before five.”

    Frothington’s eyebrows drew together in perplexed anger. She was not sticking to the script he’d constructed in his head, and he deftly drew her attention to the giant harpoon. “Exhibit A. Have you ever seen this harpoon before?”

    The waitress squinted. “That’s a Semliki catfish harpoon from Zaire. There’s one in the Seaport Museum, but I can’t swear it’s the same one.” She blew a bubble thoughtfully, and then let it pop and quickly sucked it back into her mouth. “Gotta nick on it on the third barb, though, just like that other one.”

    Ugh, no . . . this is not going to work today.

    Barbie drew a bubblegum-pink harpoon out of her matching Corvette, and showed it to Ken. “I want you to solve a little riddle for me, Ken. How did this spear wind up in Skipper?”

    Ken looked nervously to the side before perambulating to the other side of the Corvette. It didn’t seem far enough from the menacing Barbie. “I, uh, it slipped off the anvil as we were forging it for her Blacksmith Studies unit in American History.”

    Uh, no, that’s not going anywhere, either. LOL. Ideas, dime a dozen. Keeping them coherent, priceless.

    • I like both of those Michaeline. I love the contrast between the bubblegum chewing waitress and the about to be undone self-made man. As for the Barbie segment, if I was Ken, I’d be very afraid of where that spear was going to wind up next.

  2. Cinderella’s post-nuptial adventures continue below. I was going to try something new this week, but the prompt words were just too good to resist 😉 .

    The clock was ticking, and Anna Conda wasn’t talking. The beneficiary of the Duke del Fino’s disastrous dalliance curled sinuously in her chair. She watched Charlie’s personal guards perambulate the interview chamber, and occasionally she yawned, showing a row of needle-sharp white fangs. If it was a bluff, it was a good one.

    Charlie had a pile of witness statements as thick as his brawny arm, but the damn things were a litany of contradiction, almost impossible to decode.

    One of his guards had found an impression of the missing amulet on a piece of bubblegum stuck to the arch of Anna’s snakeskin Louboutins. Charlie had gone after that, hammered her with question after question, and she’d shown about as much give as Thor’s anvil. She probably knew they’d have to incinerate the evidence. It was simply too dangerous to keep around.

    The only bright spark in this whole mess was Cindy. His new wife was smarter than any snake. She’d broken his enchantment with little more than her wedding ring and a pinch of confetti. With his muscle and her brains he had no doubt they’d solve this riddle.

    Del had helped them to list everyone with means and motive. The smart money was on Hunter, the Orca King. Everyone knew he was a killer, and finally they’d be able to prove it. They’d recover the amulet, and it would give them all the evidence they needed.

    Then they’d harpoon the bastard, and the world would be a better place.

    • Goodness this is good, Jilly. One day I am going to pin you down to write some sort of urban (or something) fantasy/steampunk as well as contemporary romance. You would quite literally be brilliant at it… think on!

      I finished my first draft yesterday of my WIP – jumping up and down for joy – so no words today!

      • Yay, Rachel, that’s wonderful – congratulations! Very pleased and excited for you.

        And thank you for your kind words about urban fantasy/steampunk – actually I got the seed of a story idea a couple of weeks ago thanks to one of these Friday exercises. I really like it – question is whether I can coax it to grow into anything substantial. We shall see!

      • Congrats, Rachel! And Jilly, this is so fun! What catches my eye is the bubblegum on the shoes — the Louboutins are the ones that always have the red sole, right? Striking (-:. I agree with Rachel, I’d love to see some full-length paranormal from you!

  3. Drat it. I just realised I missed the opportunity to have them married ‘over the anvil,’ a fine old tradition and so handy for historical romance writers. Waste of a fine prompt word 🙂 .

  4. Since I missed last week, I tried to incorporate both sets of words, so this post is kind of long. We join our story already in progress. Detective Cassie is undercover at Barnacle Bob’s Bordello and Steakhouse trying to find out who is stirring up trouble in town. Just as she was about to get some information from Nicolai Papadopoulos, this happened:

    Nicolai fell forward, crashing into her. She smacked her head into something as she landed on the ground, his dead-weight on top of her. Her last thought, as the darkness closed in was that this wasn’t quite the scenario she had in mind when she fantasized about getting closer to Nicolai.

    And now for our next installment:

    “Get off me you big lug.” Cassie pushed at the beguiling testosterone based life-form currently pinning her to the ground. After a few tries she managed to shift him just enough to squirm free.

    Once upright she tore off her dolphin mask, quickly regretting the sudden movement. Apparently Satan’s own blacksmith had been using her head for an anvil. “Ouch.” She gingerly felt her scalp. There was a sizable lump but, fortunately, no blood.

    Cassie surveyed the scene. The earlier strange glow and big bang didn’t appear to have raised any alarm. Not surprising. The folks at Barnacle Bob’s were used to all kinds of unusual sounds. They probably considered it business as usual.

    With dalliance off the agenda for the evening, she reached for the zipper of her costume. It went partway down then stuck fast. After a few unsuccessful tugs, she gave up and ripped the costume straight down the middle. She didn’t have time to deal with a recalcitrant zipper.

    “Undressing for me? I guess this evening won’t be a total waste after all,” said a deep, far from innocent voice from the floor.

    Cassie glared at the finally conscious Nicolai as she stripped off her costume and kicked it free. Sadly for him, she was fully dressed underneath

    “If you’re done trying to incinerate me with your gaze, do you think you could give me a hand here?” Still flat on the floor, he was attempting to reach something on his back.

    Cassie let go of her annoyance and focused on the scene in front of her. That’s when she noticed something sticking out of Nicolai’s back, just below his left shoulder blade. “Is that a . . . harpoon?”

    “Or a spear. Hard to tell from this angle.” Nicolai glanced up at her. “I’m going to need your help to pull it out.”

    “Pull it out?” Cassie crouched down next to him and took a closer look. “Well, I guess it doesn’t look like it is in too deep. Are you sure you don’t want to wait for me to call the paramedics though?”

    “We don’t have time. Just do it.”

    “Okay. If you insist. On the count of three. 1, 2, . .” She grasped the metal shaft in one hand, braced the other against his back, and pulled.


    “Hmm, that might have been in a little deeper than I thought,” she said as the barbed end came free.

    “I’m going to bleed to death here,” he said faintly.

    “Oh, don’t be a baby,” Cassie pressed the folded up fin from her costume against the bleeding. “It’s just a flesh wound. Look, it’s slowing down already.”

    Her words of comfort fell on deaf ears. Nicolai was out cold.

    Cassie shook her head. He looked fearless but swooned like an innocent at the sight of blood – she didn’t have time to ponder the Nicolai Contradiction. After quickly checking to make sure his pulse was strong and steady, she followed the line on the spear out through the door and down the hall.

    Naturally there were no witnesses in sight. There was nothing but a treat bag full of bubblegum amidst a pile of glittering confetti at the top of the stairs. The attached note read “use this to keep your mouth busy so it doesn’t get into trouble.

    No riddle to decode there. It screamed out Goody-Two-Shoes Gang. I should have known. They believed in the virtue of “good clean fun” and they weren’t opposed to getting their hands dirty to get rid of anything that didn’t follow their rules.

    Maybe Nicolai and his brother were in the clear after all. The thought cheered her up immeasurably and had her envisioning sunrise perambulations on the beach, preferably after hot sweaty nights.

    She was walking back to check on Nicolai when she belatedly noticed the ticking sound. Well, that can’t be good. Ticking generally meant an explosion wasn’t far behind. A sure way to put an end to playtime.

    The bomb could be a bluff of course. The last time the squad had been called out the “bomb” turned out to be a vibrator wired to an old alarm clock. Cassie pushed her personal alarm button, alerting her police backup of the potential problem, while she located the source of the ticking – an elaborate flower arrangement on the console table by the elevator. Definitely not a trademark of the Goody Two Shoes Gang.

    As she quickly walked back to her room she pulled the fire-alarm to get the others out of the building. Grabbing the again-conscious Nicolai by the hand she yanked him to his feet. “Honeymoon’s over Cupcake. We need to get out of here. Now.”

    Nicolai didn’t need to be told twice. In seconds they were out the window and down the fire-escape. As soon as they hit the ground they sprinted away from the building, making it only a few yards before the explosion hit.

    The giant head of the Barnacle Bob statue that stood at the entrance landed a few feet away, followed by various and sundry parts of what used to be the Bordello. And once again, Cassie found herself flat on her back with Nicolai on top of her. Her last conscious thought was still not quite the scenario I had in mind when fantasizing about getting closer to Nicolai.

    Flashing lights and sirens filled the night air. So much for a simple undercover assignment.

    • Nice job, Elizabeth – worth waiting for and definitely not too long. Made my morning 😉 . So many good bits I can’t decide which is my fave, but already hoping for more adventures from Detective Cassie and the enigmatic Nicolai.

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