Elizabeth: Gifts for Writers

2008 - Xmas DSC_0498Justine is already thinking about New Year’s resolutions, but I am still in the holiday gift frame of mind, so I thought I’d throw out some random ideas for those looking for a great gift for the writer in their life.


Reading is an important part of a writer’s life and those “important tips for writer’s” lists almost always include “read a lot” at or near the top. What better way to get your writer reading than with a gift-certificate for a local bookstore, an eReader, or some actual books. Need some help selecting the right book? Michille’s recent post is chock-full of book recommendations or you might consider one of the newly released titles below:

The Princess Destiny (Daughters of Prophecy Book 2) by Ainsley Brooks

The Fix Up (First Impressions Book 1) by Tawne Fenske

Looking for something a little more “educational” for your writer? How about one of the many titles by blog favorite Chuck Wendig like 500 Ways To Be A Better Writer or 250 Things You Should Know About Writing.


Besides being entertaining, movies are a great way to inspire creativity and learn a bit about story in the process. I’ve been home sick recently, with a brain too fuzzy to attempt to write, so I’ve queued up a whole set of movies to keep me occupied while recuperating. Some are new titles that caught my eye as I surfed my way through the offerings on Netflix, others are old favorites. The internet abounds with lists of movies to help you find the perfect title for your writer. One of my favorites is Love Actually.


If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that15minutestimer4 finding time to write is a frequent topic of conversation here. It’s just so easy to get distracted by “other things that need to get done.” I’ve found that setting a timer for just a short amount of time helps me get a little bit of writing done in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. I like this 15-minute hourglass – functional and pretty – but there are a plethora of timers available out on the internet; one is bound to fit the style of your special writer.

A Writer’s Flask

For those following the great drinking and writing tradition (hey,WritersFlask it worked for Hemingway), how about the quirky Nowhere Writer’s Flask that marries the convenience of a flask with the practicality of a notepad and pen. Never again will your writer be caught mid-sip with no way to write down their flash of brilliance. For those writers looking for an extra challenge, there is even a “Nowhere Drunken Writing Contest.” After all, who doesn’t want to get drunk and write, preferably about travel?

Something to write on

Is a leather-bound flask with a notepad not quite your writer’s style? Then how about giving a really nice notebook our journal instead? Several of the ladies here are fans of moleskin journals. I am a sucker for pretty journals and probably have enough of them to keep me writing for decades. Something small enough to fit in a purse can be great for your writer to capture those random ideas that have a tendency to come to mind when there is no computer nearby.  Does your writer always get their best ideas in the shower (no, not that kind of ideas)? Maybe they would like some waterproof Aqua Notes – perfect for capturing notes where a regular pen and paper just wouldn’t work.

So, what else would you put on the list?

12 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Gifts for Writers

  1. Books – I’m thinking Magic Stars, the new Ilona Andrews novella and possibly the start of a lovely new series (I’ll be reviewing it on Sunday). And Tessa Dare’s latest, When A Scot Ties the Knot, a Scottish historical with a plot that sounds like a little bit crazy and a lot of fun. And (break out the squee cannon), the new Loretta Chase, Dukes Prefer Blondes, I think published on 29 December.

    Craft – I cheated and treated myself to an early present – a couple of lecture packets from Margie Lawson. Now I need the time to read them and some peace and quiet to digest the contents.

    Topping up the creative well – if, like me, you’re a water baby, some fabulous bubble bath or bath salts is always a great choice. Or something scented – potpourri, a candle, or a reed diffuser. And then to get the grey matter making unexpected connections, a jigsaw – just hard enough, with a really beautiful image.

    • Those are all excellent suggestions – I especially like the “fabulous bubble bath” idea. It’s been a long time since I did that. I’d love to hear what you think about the lecture packets, once you’ve had time to digest them.

  2. I love the writer’s flask. The Wendig books look good (his language is a little much for me sometimes). I’m a big fan of gel pens. I buy green gel pens in bulk because I always write with green – the archetypal symbol of hope. Aine Greaney has a book that might be good for some of us with day jobs – Writer with a Day Job: Inspiration & Excercises to Help You Craft a Writing Life Alongside Your Career.

    Happy holidays!

    • Michille, the flask is what triggered this post. Not that I’ve resorted to drinking just yet . . ..

      A good pen is a great thing to have. I’m currently using a pen I got at a conference somewhere. It’s just the right size and has a little weight to it – I’m sure that makes me write better 🙂

  3. I’m not a person who takes notes while roaming around doing errands, but for those who do, a pretty blank journal or a small recording device might be a good idea. I love the idea of getting more books, but I am *committed* this year to reading all the paper books I have on my shelves and recycling those I don’t want to keep. So many books! So little time!

    • Kay, I know just what you mean about “so many books, so little time.” I think my TBR pile multiplies while I sleep. Good luck on your commitment to read your shelves clear.

  4. That is a super cool flask.

    I’ve got a lot of books on my to-be-read pile, but what I’d really like is writing music. Something kooky like “Brainwave Theta”. The other thing I write well to is industrial dance music; all that grinding and boops and bops really get me in the flow of things. I have a friend who likes writing to rain sounds, which is pretty cool, too. (-: I even recorded ten minutes of rain and very loud birds at one point, thinking I could loop my own sounds, but I just haven’t tried it out to see if it works. I should do some beta testing — I might actually get more writing done that way if my conscious mind is busy “testing” — then my writing mind can play freely without being criticized.

    Time and space to write are great gifts to give a writer if money is tight.

    • (-: I’ve been thinking about getting headphones. I have some earphones, but one set falls out of my ears. The other set is fine, but I think I lost the identifying material, so I can’t buy new ones. And, I do worry that I’m going to ruin my ears by piping music directly into them. Headphones seem like they’d block better and therefore you’d need less volume to drown out the noises around one.

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