Justine: A Writer’s (Fantasy) Christmas Wish List

All I Want for Christmas Part 2As I look back on this past year and reflect on how much has changed — and how much hasn’t — I’m struck by how similar this year’s Christmas wish list is to last years. About this time last year, I posted my wish list (fantasy style). This year’s is no different. AT ALL.

My Christmas List — Fantasy Style (in no particular order):

  1. A wrinkle in the space-time continuum. Or maybe a black hole. Whatever it is, I want more TIME. Time to sleep, time to write, time to spend with my kids, to watch movies, to exercise, to work in my kids’ classes, and to sleep. Wait, I already mentioned that. I figure I need a 36-hour day to get everything done that I want to do — with an additional 8 hours for sleep. I guess that makes it a 44-hour day. Maybe Neil deGrasse Tyson can help. Does anyone know his email address?
  2. The same staff you’d find at Pemberly. A personal secretary, housekeeper, upstairs maids, downstairs maids, laundresses, a butler, a coachman, footmen, and a gardener. The personal secretary and housekeeper would be most important. So would the maids. And the laundress. Hell, I need them all. Oh, I can’t forget the nursemaid, either! (Feel free to throw in Mr. Darcy as a stocking stuffer!)
  3. A marketing guru and support staff. Someone to help me Tweet and FB and blog and all that other stuff. Someone to keep me on track. Oops, that’s the personal secretary. I’ve never been keen at marketing and I’m not a big fan of “putting myself out there.” Frankly, with a husband who travels and two little kids, I’m having a hard time keeping track of the day-to-day stuff of life, much less marketing myself and a book that isn’t even published yet.
  4. A personal masseuse. I have a heck of a knot in my shoulder that’s been bugging me for weeks now [2015 update: it’s been bugging me for a year] and I haven’t had time to go in and have someone work it out. I’d love to have a set of strong, magical hands work their magic while I sit at the keyboard. Writing AND getting a massage?!? It’s a two-fer!
  5. Unlimited, unrestricted frequent flyer miles. I’ve got historical places to go, ancient things to see! How can I write a good historical novel without doing some research? Okay, a lot of research? England, Scotland, New England, South Dakota, France, Ireland, New Zealand…it’s a hodge-podge of locations (and that’s just the short-list), but it’s all on my list.

I’m sure there’s more I could ask for, but I think this is a good, short start. This is pie-in-the-sky, moon-and-stars type stuff, so I should probably keep it lean.

What sort of fantastical, other-worldly things do you want for Christmas (or your special holiday)? There’s no limits and the more outrageous and impossible the better!

2 thoughts on “Justine: A Writer’s (Fantasy) Christmas Wish List

  1. What more could we want? Although, my wrinkle in the space-time continuum would be a little pocket universe where I could retreat for hours just to write, and then pop out into our regular universe and find that no time has passed (it’d be nice if I didn’t age in the pocket universe).

    Do try to make time to get the knotted shoulders checked out — if you are compensating for things, it can make typing tough down the line somewhere. Maybe we should declare an international 8 Ladies spa day in February, and we all make a promise to do something nice for ourselves that day. Getting a massage sounds like a great idea . . . . I’ll do it if you do it (-:.

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