Michaeline: Let’s Be Naughty This Month

Girl drawing a horse on a wall

Hey, I can be very creative when I’m naughty! (image via Wikimedia Commons)

We’re all older writers here on Eight Ladies Writing. We’ve been around long enough to recognize that rules generally happen because there’s a good reason behind them. We know that we don’t have to re-invent the wheel. We value research and the mistakes of others – any mistakes we make are going to be NEW ones, by gum. And we’ve developed good taste. We’re impatient with second-rate efforts because we’ve read enough to know what good looks like.

This can make being creative a real slog. We look at our efforts with a judgmental eye, and sure, we might see a moment of brilliance, but it’s hidden in a swamp of words that have grown wild and tangled.

So, we look for a Magic Rule that will make everything right, or we look for someone who has invented the wheel and try to figure out how they made that wheel so damn good.

Guess what? There’s no Magic Rule. Every writer is different, and heck, every book is different, too.

December 1 to 30, with the first four days circled to show how "good" I've been.

Four days in a row! My homemade banner and progress chart for December.

So, this month, Jilly’s post inspired me to turn off the internet and look for my fun in my WIP instead of YouTube. I’ve written every day so far, and I hope to make writing a daily habit – no, not a habit: a daily treat. A time when I can retreat from the boring world and make up something a little different. A little naughty. And the inner censor can come back when I’m done and make changes, but first, I’m going to write, and forget the rules. The only rule is to write something that makes me smile.

I can’t wait to see what Santa Muse stuffs into my stocking this year (-:.

P.S. Jilly and I are going to talk about Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather next weekend. If you’ve read the book, we’d love to hear what you think.

4 thoughts on “Michaeline: Let’s Be Naughty This Month

  1. This can make being creative a real slog. Yes, it can, and the more you learn, the harder it is to not pre-judge your own efforts. Glad to hear you’re hard at work–I’m waiting to read the full version of “Antigone!”

    • LOL, I have to remind myself every effing day that I’m going to be naughty this month, and write for enjoyment, not for efficiency. But, it is fun once I’ve sternly talked to myself. Bunny is a fun character . . . .

  2. What Jeanne said. Right now I’m finding it really hard not to pre-judge myself so I’m going to take a leaf from Micki’s book, forget the rules for the next few weeks, stop trying so hard and write some scenes that make me smile.

    And now I’m off to re-read Hogfather to get myself in the mood for next weekend’s discussion.

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