Michille: NaNo Not So Much (so Happy Thanksgiving Instead)

turkeybuttonfinalNational Novel Writing Month is winding down. And mine wound up an abysmal failure. I didn’t get to even half of what I wanted to accomplish. I had wanted to have my story to the point that I could submit for the Golden Heart. That didn’t happen, but I did spend more time on my story this month than I had for a while. Yeah, me. I’m not going to admit to my pitiful word count and I intend to get some writing done between today and Monday. I won’t hit 50,000 words, but it will be words on the page.

With December looming (and that is a crazy time of year), I intend to keep my November goals alive and hopefully hit the 50,000 word mark by the end of the year (calendar, not fiscal). I won’t make the Golden Heart deadline, but if I do get 50K on the page, that will finish my first draft which is a huge accomplishment. So I’ll take it.

Since it’s Thanksgiving here in the good ol’ US of A, I will take a break from writing advice and writing hints and writing whatever and say that I am thankful that I revisited my story. I’m thankful for my health, that of my family, and that my creative brain is still functioning. And I’m thankful for this writing community that helps me stay motivated and gives me great ideas and support.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it and Happy Last Thursday in November to everyone else.

4 thoughts on “Michille: NaNo Not So Much (so Happy Thanksgiving Instead)

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you Michille. Though you aren’t going to hit your initial goal for November, spending time on your story and getting *any* words on the page sounds like a win to me.

    Hope everyone is having a good day today, whether writing, eating, or something else entirely.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. We had a great day. I didn’t think about my story at all. The whole family did a Turkey Trot (for those non-Americans out there, that’s a tradition in this country that involves thousands of people of all ages [2,200 in my town] gathering ’round a balloon arch, or other start line, for the opportunity to run 5,000 meters and then finish under another balloon or other arch in order to earn the 4,500 calories we generally eat in one meal later in the day on the 4th Thursday of every November). Then we ate an early Thanksgiving dinner because The Girl Child had to be at Old Navy at 3:30 because after running 5,000 meters and then chowing down on a 4,500 calorie meal to give thanks for all we have, many Americans like to go trample each other to buy more stuff that they don’t yet have to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. 5K? Wow! That’s a steep price to pay for a Thanksgiving dinner . . . but then again, for guilt-free pumpkin pie and a nice scoop of dressing? Maybe it’s not so steep after all (-:.

    Happy Thanksgiving! And, really, any progress is still progress. I’ve done miserably at the NaNo, but did make a few more words (that I haven’t recorded yet on my official NaNo). I really need to figure out what’s holding me back . . . .

    • I’m also behind on recording my words, Micki. I’ll get them posted by end of day Sunday, then see if I can eke out another thousand or so on Monday (but it’s a busy work day and I have to make a long commute, so…).

      I feel like I really missed out on an opportunity to be involved in the NaNo community – threads, word challenges, etc. – this year, but at least several of us were commiserating here, which helps :-).

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