Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – Now with Random Holiday Words!

stopwatch graphicAnother week has come to a close and what better way to wrap things up than with a little random creative writing.

If you are here in the states, your days are likely to be filled with shopping, turkey, and interesting family gatherings in the days to come. What better way to give your mind a break than with some writing sprints.

For those of you knee-deep in NaNo, especially for those whose story has turned stubborn or is refusing to cooperate, if the Story Prompts Michille posted yesterday didn’t get you out of your rut, perhaps a few minutes of random writing will.

Since we’ve been having such success with it these last few weeks, how about another round of Random Word Improv. (Check the posts here, here, and here if you want to see some of the previous efforts)   This week, to shake things up a bit, our random words have a bit of a holiday theme to them, though that doesn’t need to rule out the tales of destruction and mayhem that previous lists have triggered.

For any of you new to Random Word Improv, here’s how we play:

  1. Pick as many words from the list as you want
  2. Write the first line(s) of a story incorporating your words
  3. Post your results in the comments section.

Here’s today’s list of random words from a randomly selected random word generator:

ugly                        glimmer               gravy                     aquarium

bootlegger          dishwasher         store                     casserole

blouse                  choke                    pistol                     clam

villain                     pie                          wept                     dream

fried                      fiasco                    divorce                 yam

Okay. Are you ready? Go!

*whistling aimlessly while you are off being creative*

Ah, you’re back. Kind of fun, right? Can’t wait to see what you have come up with. .

Happy writing to all.

18 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – Now with Random Holiday Words!

  1. Some of the juxtapostions! The glimmer of gravy deserves to be in a story, as does putting “pie” and “wept” in the same sentence! Hee-hee!

    She wiped the last glimmer of gravy from her chin, and I had never seen her so sated, so desirable. And when her Aunt Martha brought the pie from the kitchen, I thought I could have wept from the sheer indulgence, the extravagance of sugar and cream. I pictured her in a bed of pumpkin, covered in nothing but oceans of whipped cream, and despite my full belly, I was moved to . . . . (Sorry it ran out there. Jerk off under the table? Seemed such a let down. Both are heavy, gravid with food, so sex doesn’t seem to be a real possibility here.)

    Hmm. Should have probably gone with the fried-clam fiasco of 2003. I’m not a fan of seafood stuffing. My own Thanksgiving this year will probably be about Kentucky Fried Chicken, a home-made pumpkin pie and possibly (possibly!) some stuffing. It’s a school day, and I’ve got a meeting.

    • Michaeline, perhaps “I was moved to ravish her right then and there but her husband, that villain, packed a loaded pistol, which was likely to turn my dream of a night of passion into a fiasco of epic proportions.”

      The fried-clam fiasco of 2003 sounds promising. I do have to wonder what happened.

    • Maybe “I was moved to lean over and lick her lips.”

      According to the interwebs:
      A fiasco is a ridiculous or humiliating failure. The word was borrowed from Italian in the 19th century. In that language it meant originally ‘a bottle’, but the phrase far fiasco, literally ‘make a bottle’, was used in the theatre to mean ‘fail in a performance’.

      I’d like to second Elizabeth’s request for more info about the fried-clam fiasco of 2003.

      • LOL, I am SURE wine was involved in 2003, so there’s your bottle. Maybe in the clams (maybe in the deep-fat fryer, which would cause a grease fire), certainly in the chef. But it’s one of those things where the reader’s imagination is probably better than anything I can come up with (-:. Be sure to pile on the humiliation.

        I’m amazed at how much POWER there is in randomly slamming two words next to each other. Thanks for posting these, Elizabeth! It’s fun. Endings have always been something I’ve needed to work at.

  2. “And the winner is reality TV star Suzette Saccharine, whose innovative combination of Apple Pie With Fried Clam Gravy quite simply made my mouth water.”
    Sleazy Suzy gasped in fake surprise, but the real villain was the head judge, Chef Ricardo. He’d used the exact same words last year about my Yam Casserole with Chocolate. If I’d known what was in store, I never would have married him.
    I watched Dick try not to choke on his saliva as Suzy stuck her finger in the pie, lifted the smeary digit to her lips, and sucked enthusiastically, leaning forward so that he could see clear down her blouse.
    If I’d had a pistol, I’d have shot them both.
    For two whole months I’d smiled in public as I wept in private, but this fiasco was the icing on the cake. Things were about to get ugly.
    The dream was over. He’d be lucky to make it to the divorce.

    • Jilly – I’m pretty sure “Apple Pie with Fried Clam Gravy” would make my mouth do something other than water 🙂 Great submission. Would love to what our heroine does next. I’m sure whatever it is, Chef Ricardo deserves it.

    • LOL. Why does pure rage and revenge fantasy make me bubble up in delight? Doesn’t work that way in real life, of course, where those feelings are completely tamped down. Thank goodness I don’t have to deal with a Chef Ricardo.

      God, I love the way that nickname works on so many levels. It brings Ricardo down to a more earthly, less exotic level. It’s an insult. And we all know that Suzy isn’t sucking on her finger in her imagination.

  3. Sorry, late to the party. I was out sick most of last week and recovering from it the rest of the week. I got zero writing done and am now a NaNo week behind. 😦

    Thanks for this though, it has picked up my spirits…. I decided to continue with Timothy James Bartleby, the third’s very bad day.

    Homeland looked at me with an ugly glimmer in his eyes. I didn’t know if he was hoping I’d step in this fiasco and drown, or if he was hoping to choke me to death later. As a show of both agency and masculine insecurity he leaned slightly in my direction and grabbed hold of his pistol.

    Looking around, casually to Homeland and the Bartleby CFO, “It’s nice to see you have a hold of things here, Robert.” The glimmer in his eyes changed to daggers, and the “choke” option rolled into both of his eyes in zero point no seconds. I smiled and leaned in to shake the CFO’s hand. “Mr. Compton, I’m Jenna Hansen, San Francisco PD. I am also part of the FBI’s terror taskforce.”

    Robert clammed up and looked like a bootlegger drowning in an aquarium of evidence. I wanted to laugh until I wept, but that wouldn’t be very professional, so I chose to look down for a moment to diffuse the testosterone and regain my professional composure. *Damn, he got some of the fried yams and gravy on my blouse when he hand fed me that dulce de leche banana cream pie. For a moment, I dreamed of wearing a second piece later.*

    “Terror? Terrorists? What sort of a fiasco is this?” Compton spurted out.

    My eyes snapped up, divorced from my dream, and locked right on to his. “That’s what we’re here to find out Mr. Compton.”

    Why did all of the villains always want to ruin a perfectly good holiday?

    • Sorry to hear about the sickness and NaNo backlog, Penny, but am absolutely loving the continuing story of Timothy James Bartleby, the third, deceased. Jenna Hansen has agency to spare. Homeland doesn’t stand a chance.

    • (-: That’s so much fun! I love the way glimmers turn into daggers. Fun eyes!

      Also, you can’t help getting sick. I think it’s helpful to think of NaNo as bonus (as I fall further and further behind). You got two good weeks of NaNo in, and if you are feeling better, you’ll get another good week of NaNo in this week.

      We have snow in my area, and since my book is also experiencing the Great Blizzard of 1899, if I manage to keep off the internet, I think I can make a great deal of progress (-:.

        • One day of snow, and I had about 10 to 15 cm. on my car by 3 p.m. Not quite a foot . . . I want to say eight inches? It’s sunny today, but it’ll be snowy/rainy again later this week, according to the weather report. Oh well, ’tis the season and I hope I can make the best of it.

    • “Why did all of the villains always want to ruin a perfectly good holiday?”

      Love the continuing story Penny. Sorry to hear you were sick though. Seems to be that time of year. Glad the writing sprints could pick up your spirits.

      • I was sad to miss it on Friday… but this is the weirdest, fun story ever! It really does have a mind of it’s own and I am so enjoying the challenge. (I’m a bit nutts like that.)

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